Tupaki Ramudu Movie Review

Tollywood has examples of many comedians who made a big name in small screen and make it to the silver screen. Bithiri Satti (born Chevella Ravi) is one among them, who made his movie debut with movies like Seema Sastry, Rudhramadevi and Goutham Nanda.
He is coming up now in a major role in Tupaki Ramudu, in which he plays the role of a native man who rises from a village bumpkin to a savior of the village.

Movie Details:
Cast: Bithiri Satti, Priya
Direction: T. Prabhakar
Music: T. Prabhakar

Thupaki Ramudu (Bithiri Satti) is a village orphan who is considered a useless village bumpkin by the villagers. He is adopted by an old lady and bred as a man who roams like a vagabond in the village.
Events suddenly take a new turn when Anitha ( Priya) enters his life as a whiff of fresh air. His life is turned upside down, in a positive way, he is educated by Anitha and becomes a man who can articulate and reason well.
But, he has other problems to fight with, which include the caste bigotry in his village, to which he responds in a telling way. What are the problems he faced in his village? How did he become the savior of the village? This forms a major part of the movie.

The movie Thupaki Ramudu scores in its unique storyline, keeping the lead actor in the mind. Bithiri Satti does a great role of a man, who is tortured in his village in the name of caste and shows a lot of emotions in the second half where he transforms into an educated man.
Priya, who plays the wife of Thupaki Ramudu also does her role well. In the scenes where she teaches him how to approach life etc, she excels in those roles. Basically, this movie is a director’s movie with T. Prabhakar scoring the music and also directing the movie with a unique screenplay.
There is an element of surprise in the heroine’s characterization, which increases the interest levels of people in the movie. The movie also an environmental angle to it, with Bithiri Satti playing a savior of the village which once made fun of his uneducated behavior and vagabond life.

Go and watch Tupaki Ramudu this Diwali, you will feel you have watched a decent movie, with a good message.


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