Rayalaseema Love Story Movie Review

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The month of September, in its end, brings another love story to the fore in Tollywood, Rayalaseema Love Story.

An interesting aspect of Rayalaseema Love Story is, it features all newcomers, who did a clean job in the movie.

Movie Details:

Cast: Venkat, Hrishali, Pavani, Prudhvi Raj and Nagineedu

Direction: Ram Ranadheer

Music: Sri Sai Yelender


Krishna (Venkat) is a happy go lucky guy who feels falling in love and getting into a relationship are a waste of time.  However, things change when a girl, Radha (Hrishali,) enters Krishna’s life and he instantly falls in love with her.

Things take an unexpected turn and due to a problem, both the lovers part ways.  This again leaves Krishna shell shocked. Why in the first place was Krishna against love?  What was the problem which caused Krishna’s and Radha’s separation? Will the lovers reconcile and become united?  This forms the rest of the story of Rayalaseema Love Story.


Rayalaseema Love Story is a director’s movie.  Ram Ranadheer creates a clever screenplay, which keeps a good pace and there is never a dull moment in the story.  Krishna and the reason for his aversion to love and relationships is well established after the interval. This tactic by the director keeps the audience guessing and retains their interest in the movie.

Another aspect in which the movie scores big is the comedy sequences, which are hilarious, with comedian Venu being the star.  He is ably supported by Getup Sreenu and Prudhvi Raj.

Hrishali is good in her part and the romantic scenes between Venkat and Hrishali will be a hit with the audience, especially the youth.  The second female lead, Pavani, also does a decent job during the second half.

The music by Sri Sai is good, especially the romantic number between the lead pair.  The intimate sequences in the movie are shot tastefully and the camerawork by Ram Mahendhar is really good.

Rayalaseema Love Story is a film which is made for the youth and will not disappoint you.  Go for it this weekend!

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