Rama Chakkani Seetha Movie Review

Modern day movies often deal with love as a trope, with multiple variations.  A few movies narrate a love story from the protagonist’s point of view and some narrate it through his/her love interest’s point of view. Rama Chakkani Seetha is one such love story, narrated from the hero’s point of view.

Movie Details:

Cast: Indra, Priyadarsini and Sukrutha Wagle

Director: Sriharsha Manda

Music: Kesava Kiran


Balu (Indra) is a happy go lucky man, who falls in love with Anu (Sukrutha Wagle.)  Balu, with an intention to get closer to her, calls her up from an unknown number and starts conversing with her in a pleasing manner.  The couple relishes the romance between them for a while before all hell breaks loose. Anu finds out the modus operandi of Balu and feels heartbroken and decides to part ways with him.  Will Balu win her love? If yes, how does he do that? This is the crux of Rama Chakkani Seetha.


As the story unfolds, the characters are established and the film progresses at a good pace.  The movie shows how a sincere lover wins his girl at the end of everything, despite choosing an incorrect path.  Slowly, one gets involved in the movie and actor Indra makes a satisfactory debut as a fierce lover. The sequence where he proposes Anu is a revelation.  Director Sri Harsha succeeds in building the right emotion in the scene, which is impressive.

Newcomer Sukrutha Wagle scores majorly in the emotional and romantic sequences.  The scene where she rejects Indra’s love is particularly impactful. Priyadarshi chips in with a comic angle in the plot and leaves the audience in splits with his impeccable timing.

Rama Chakkani Seetha scores hugely in comedy scenes, which come across as natural.  Priyadarshi is the man Friday to hero and shines well in the movie, as always.

The songs in the film are soothing and exemplary, adding another feather in the cap.  One song specifically, My Destiny, stands out as it explains the journey of a lover.  Music composer Kesava Kiran scores big in the background segment and leaves a long lasting impact.

The climax of Rama Chakkani Seetha is where the performances of both the hero and heroine shine the brightest and has been picturized with much care and precision.  Director Sri Harsha conceives a simple narrative in an impressive manner. Producers G.L. Phanikanth and Visalakshi Manda backed the project with majestic production throughout.

All said and done, watch Rama Chakkana Seetha this weekend because it has all the right elements which make it a complete entertainer.

Rama Chakkani Seetha Movie Review
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