Gaddhalakonda Ganesh Telugu Movie Review

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Varun Tej is an actor who is now making heads turn with his choices of films, be it Mukunda, Kanche, F2: Fun And Frustration or the recent sci fi movie, Antariksham 9000 KMPH.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh is one such interesting choice he made, as he appears as a villain for the first time in his career.

The Harish Shankar movie created a huge buzz, owing to Varun Tej’s makeover and character of a don.

Movie Details:

Cast: Varun Tej, Atharvaa Murali, Pooja Hegde and Mirnalini Ravi
Director: Harish Shankar
Music: Mickey J. Meyer
Camera: Ayananka Bose


The movie, as we know, remains faithful to its original, Jigarthanda, which starred Bobby Simha in the prime role. Abhilash (Atharvaa Murali) is an ambitious filmmaker who has quirky ideas to make a movie about a gangster by observing a real gangster. While conducting his research, he finds the character of Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Varun Tej,) a dreaded criminal and gets close to him. He tells Ganesh about his film and his idea of using a hero impersonating Gaddalakonda Ganesh.Ganesh is eager to act as the gangster himself and threatens Abhilash, stating if the latter ever makes a film about a gangster, it should star only Gaddalakonda Ganesh.

Abhilash slowly devises tricks to evade Ganesh and to make his film of his own choice. How does Abhilash do that? This forms the rest of the story.


As mentioned earlier, Gaddalakonda Ganesh remains faithful to Jigarthanda.  Director Harish Shankar made some changes to suit the Telugu folks, as the original film in Tamil is set in Madurai. Harish changed it to Telangana.   Credits to Harish Shankar for making Varun Tej look the way he does in the movie. Tej’s makeover as a dreaded criminal looks convincing. It may be a trick to invite more Nizam audience, as Varun Tej speaks in a predominantly Telangana accent.

Atharvaa Murali is sweet and sour in his expressions and delivers a clean performance as an aspiring filmmaker. The man is a great performer, who mostly uses his eyes to convey emotions, rather than dialogues. This film is as much Atharvaa’s as it is Varun’s. Pooja Hegde plays the lost love of Ganesh in his flashback and she plays her part decently.

The only place where the movie lags is its climax, which seems forced and abrupt. This climax of Gaddalakonda Ganesh is not as convincing as that of Jigarthanda, which had Bobby Simha in his element.

Another highlight of the characters is the chemistry and love track between Atharvaa and Mirnalini Ravi. The background music by Mickey J. Meyer is good and provides the required mood in the movie.

Ayananka Bose should be given a special mention as he excels in his cinematography to enhance the thriller genre of the movie.

You should watch Gaddalakonda Ganesh for Varun Tej’s and Atharvaa Murali’s chemistry and performances!

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