Hawaa Telugu Movie Review

Hawaa Review

Tollywood has come of age in making movies which are murder thrillers and gangster dramas. Nowadays, good scripts and the right direction based screenplays make the audience sit and take notice of films belonging to these genres.

Hawaa is a film which has a lot of intertwined subplots and is based on a treasure hunt.
Mahesh Reddy, who directed the movie, should be applauded for the quality of script he gave to the audience.

Movie Details:
Cast: Chaitanya Madadi, Divi Prasanna, Kamal Krishna and Sundeep Pagadala
Direction: Mahesh Reddy
Music: Gifton Elias

The movie starts with the introduction of the main characters of the plot, who meet at the crossroads of a highway, chasing different aspects of their choice. Bijili (Kamal Krishna,) a gangster, is chasing Charlie (Chaitanya Madadi) as he stole Bijili’s money.
Divi is being chased by another gangster, Harry, as she saw him commit a murder.
Then, Thappan (Sundeep Pagadala,) another leader of gangsters is seen chasing the other gang, as they stole his cocaine bags.
Why does this happen? How does the confusion subside? Who is Charlie and what has he to do with Bijili?
The movie answers this tight plot, one by one.

Generally, in ensemble films, story matters less and the way it is told gains importance. This way, Hawaa seems to be a screenplay driven movie. The movie will be remembered for its thrills and screenplay, more than anything else.

The ensemble cast, mostly Indians settled in Australia, have done their bit to add spice to the pacy screenplay. Mahesh Reddy does hard work to prove his points of the plot to the audience.

Cinephiles who crave racy thrillers should go and watch the movie.





Hawaa Telugu Movie Review
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