Edaina Jaragocchu Telugu Movie Review

Edaina Jaragochu review


Tollywood actor Sivaji Raja is introducing his son, Vijay Raja, as the leading man in Edaina Jaragochu. The dark comedy has an ensemble cast, which includes National Award winning actor Bobby Simha, is a clean film, without an overdose of comedy.

Movie Details:

Cast: Vijay Raja, Bobby Simha, Pooja Solanki, Sasha Singh and Vennela Kishore

Direction: Rama Kanth

Music: Srikanth Pendyala


Jai (Vijay Raja) is a young boy, longing to earn quick money with his friends.  He is a recovery agent at a private firm. He falls in love with a girl, Sasirekha (Pooja Solanki,) who comes to his office.  Jai turns into the go to man for Sasirekha and decides to clear her debts. In such a situation, Jai borrows money from the local don, Kali (Bobby Simha.) He enters into cricket betting with Kali and gets stuck in a situation, in which is life threatening.

Soon, Jai unearths a secret behind the monstrous growth of Kali and using it, wins over Kali.  What is the secret which made Kali sober than his usual self? What happens to Sasirekha and her problems?  How does Jai escape from the manipulative Kali? This forms the rest of the story.


Edaina Jaragochu is a comedy which is born out of the grave situations in which Jai finds himself.  Most of the screen space is devoted to the hero and the villain. Sasha Singh as Baby and Vennela Kishore as the main friend of the hero just do their bits and vanish.  Pooja Solanki is an actress who needs some more screen space to show her prowess.

The clear winner in the movie is Bobby Simha, who is a veteran in the art form of playing a gangster in movies like Jigarthanda.  Vijay Raja, who made his debut with this movie, does okay, but needs some more power in dialogue delivery.  This is his first movie and Sivaji Raja can give him some tips in sustaining emotions in various scenes, especially the emotional ones.

Overall, Edaina Jaragochu is a movie which is a one time watch, especially because of Bobby Simha.







Edaina Jaragocchu Telugu Movie Review
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