Boy Telugu Movie Review

Boy Review


Coming of age dramas in Tollywood are very rare.  With the growing of digital media extensively and online content being available in plenty, Tollywood concentrates more on family dramas, leaving the coming of age genre to the digital media.

Boy, a movie directed by Amar Vishwaraj, is one such attempt at mapping the apprehensions a boy faces during his tenth grade, with teenage love and pressure due to studies playing an important part.

Movie Details:

Cast: Lakshya, Sahithi and Vinay Varma

Direction: Amar Vishwaraj

Music: Elvin James and Jayaprakash J.


Mahitej (Lakshya) is a tenth grade student who is weak at Mathematics and is considered naive and immature by the people around him.  He does not like this treatment and decides to prove he is an adult. He soon becomes friends with his classmate Varna (Sahithi) and gets enchanted by her.  He is thrown into a situation which forces him to teach Maths to her, despite being a below par student in the subject. How did this inability come? Who were the people responsible for perpetuating this weakness of Maths in him?  Does Mahitej come out of this phobia? This aspect is dealt with during the second half, which includes a powerful statement about the current education system and the role of parents in it.


Thematically, Boy is a novel attempt in Telugu.  Though we had some not so famous love stories in the past, like a movie called 10th Class itself, this movie treats the issue of education and how kids are growing up in an atmosphere of insecurity, well.  Both Lakshya and Sahithi play their roles well. The aspect of insecure childhood is what Boy depicts, through the eyes of an adolescent 10th grade student.

Director Amar Vishwaraj manges to hold the fort during the first half, but in the latter part, the movie drags a bit.  The music by Elvin James and Jayaprakash J. is okay, but the weak link in the movie is its screenplay, including the unnecessary comedy tracks which hinder the flow of the movie.

Watch Boy if you are game for a teenage love story with a tinge of seriousness.





Boy Telugu Movie Review
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