Kurukshetram Telugu Movie Review

Kurukshetram Review

Indian epics are steeped into our ethos so deeply, that we do not get bored of them, notwithstanding how many times they are retold. The Kannada movie, Kurukshetra, is a rarity these days, with the Epic Mahabharata told from a perspective of the principal antagonist, Duryodhana.
The dubbed version in Telugu, titled Kurukshetram released today and will be interesting to examine how it dealt with the epic.
Movie Details:
Cast: Darshan, Arjun Sarja, Sneha, Ambareesh, V, Ravichandran, Sonu Sood
Direction: Naganna
Music: V. Harikrishna
The story of the Kuru and Pandava rivalry is too legendary to be explained in a new way. The movie deals with Duryodhana (Darshan) narrating the epic, through his eyes. The rise of Duryodhana as Kuru Emperor and his fall in the Mahabharata war are dealt with, in detail. In the process, the role of Karna (Arjun Sarja) as his loyal friend is highlighted and focussed a lot.
The chief element of this movie is its ensemble cast, all veterans doing their part commendably. The story of the Kuru war told by Duryodhana, played by Darshan is quite impressive. Sonu Sood and Arjun Sarja perform with passion in their roles of Karna and Arjuna respectively. Sneha is the biggest winner who plays the role of Draupadi with poise and panache, in scenes of Draupadi’s disrobing, her dialogues are impactful. The film mostly relies on special effects and computer graphics to recreate the scenes of Kurukshetra war field.
The fact the film being shot in 3D enhances the visual experience and for the young generation, this will be a movie worth watching.
Reserve your seat for this extravaganza and relive Indian mythology.


















Kurukshetram Telugu Movie Review
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