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Kartikeya Gummakonda is a hero who shot up to public recognition with his debut movie, RX 100.  Since then, he has been making some personal choices, regarding his selection of movies.  Movies like Hippi did not fare well at the box office, though the effort was clearly seen on screen.

Now, the young actor comes with a new movie, Guna 369.  The action thriller genre of Guna 369 makes it more handy for Kartikeya, who excels in the area, hands down.  The trailer of the movie depicted him as a happy go lucky youth, who lands in trouble due to some mysterious situations.  Kartikeya was eagerly awaiting the movie’s release and for the reception it receives.

Movie Details:

Cast: Kartikeya Gummakonda, Anagha, Adithya Menon, Naresh and Hema

Direction: Arjun Jandhyala

Music: Chaitan Bharadwaj


Guna (Kartikeya) is an engineering student who wants to complete his B. Tech and land up with a plum job.  This being the wish of his father too, Guna studies well. He falls in love with a new girl, Geeta (Anagha,) who enters his colony.  Both of them start their courtship and are ready to get married.

It is here Guna gets embroiled in a duel with a don, Radha (Adithya Menon,) trying to save the life of his friend’s girlfriend who is harassed by Radha’s goons.  Guna eventually is arrested and taken to prison for the murder of Radha in a bloody fight. Doom descends upon Guna’s immediate family and also Geeta’s family, who are aghast with the deed. How does Guna come out of this case?  Who really killed Radha? Does Guna take revenge on the people who wrongly framed him? This forms the later part of Guna 369.


Guna 369 is definitely the movie Kartikeya needed at this hour.  He excels with his dual avatar of a joyful lover and a vigilante young man who takes up the case of justice denied to his friend.  One of the strengths of Kartikeya’s persona is his ability to emote well in the required scenes, with minimal dialogues. As he is adept at performing stunts, Kartikeya impresses with his action hero makeup in the second half of the movie.

Anagha does her part as a pair to Kartikeya and gives a decent performance as Geeta.  Naresh plays the father of Kartikeya and he makes us notice his skills in the later part of the movie.

The real surprise element in the movie is Adithya Menon, who is at his menacing best as Radha, the don.  Kartikeya and he compete with each other in the action sequences of the movie.

The songs by Chaitan Bharadwaj are soothing to hear, especially Bujji Bangaram, which is easily the best of the lot.

The movie is centred around the sexual harassment girls undergo at the hands of unwanted elements of the society and the way one should deal with them, making it a must watch for today’s youth.

Go and watch Guna 369, it is adorable and genuine!


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