Aame Telugu Movie Review

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Aame Telugu Movie Review

Amala Paul has been in the South filmdom, for years earning the title of a glamorous actress. The Maina actress slowly decided to venture into filmmaking and is now out with her maiden product, Aadai. The movie which explores the inner sides of a woman is out in Telugu as Aame. Amala Paul portrays a happy go lucky media person, who pays for her over the top behavior as a woman in the current times.

Movie Details:
Cast: Amala Paul, Vivek Prasanna, Ramya Subramanian
Director: Rathna Kumar
Music: Pradeep Kumar
Camera: Vijay Karthik Kannan

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Kamini (Amala Paul) is a private television employee. She excels in doing prank videos with her trademark line ‘ready for a bet?’. Herself and her male office colleagues are in a celebratory mood, as their office is moving to a new location and building. Kamini wants to celebrate the occasion with her co mates in the old office and party hard. Amala in an inebriated state does not know what happened to her, but by the morning finds herself on the ground naked, without anyone in the office premises. Why did she become like that? Who are the ones who left her alone after the night of celebration? How did she come back from the mental trauma? This forms part of Aame story.

Amala Paul plays the most challenging and career best role she is offered to, in Aame.
The way she carries her body language as a young and devil may care, attitude woman, is believable and she makes the role convincing. Her character arc is always evolving from a daring woman to a lady who fears for her modesty and image, in the public eye.
Amala comes as a revelation in the second half, entirely naked and trying to get out of the building she is in, without any help. The way Karthik Kannan”s camera deals with those sequences is quite thrilling and the audience sit up with a sense of suspense and empathy towards Kamini, wanting her to get out of the building with her honor and modesty intact.
Tamil VJ Ramya Subramanian, who acted as the close friend of Kamini does her part well.
Aame is an example of how the word feminism is perceived in popular belief and gives a practical meaning to the term, of a woman having equal say in everything and her being not judged due to her attire and behavior.
Director Rathna Kumar should be given credit to bring this story to the fore, so does Amala Paul to accept the role and come out trumps. Aame is not for the weak minded and regular audience, but it will not disappoint you if you go to the theatres this week.
Amala Paul and Rathna Kumar definitely deserve a watch this week!

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