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Telugu cinema in the post 2000s era focussed more on the commercial aspect of making a movie a saleable product.  This fact applies to every movie across which we come. Now, psychological thrillers in Telugu are a rarity, with films like Game Over, which recently dealt with themes like the anniversary effect and mental trauma.

Here we have a ‘special movie’ named Special, perhaps to indicate the marvellous screenplay, which is rendered special by its crisp cuts and taking of shots.  The main protagonist of Special is a young man who can read the minds of the people he comes across with a mere touch, a handshake to be precise.  The movie focuses on his role in a new angle as a vigilante who helps the police in solving many uncrackable cases with his intelligence.

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Movie Details:

Cast: Ranga, Ajay and Akshata

Direction: Vastav

Music: N.V.S. Manyam

Cinematography: P. Amar Kumar


Ranga (Ranga) is a young medical student, born with a special hereditary ability.  He is blessed with psychopathy, an ability to read the minds of any living being, be it a person or an animal, by mere touch, including by shaking hands with them.  This power attracts many people to him. A fellow student, Akshata, falls for him and expresses her love to him. Ranga wants to focus on his career and not be in a relationship.  Akshata finally proposes to him on her birthday. Ranga shakes hands with her and knows her thoughts. He invites her to a five star hotel for a treat. Akshata comes to the hotel before the stipulated time and finds a gang of inebriated men, who were friends of Ranga.  When she tries to avoid them, they overpower her and gang rape her. They then throw her on the terrace and leave.  She dies eventually, unattended in the Hotel.

Ranga reaches the hotel to find his lady love in a brutally bleeding condition.  He takes her for medication and vows to take revenge on all the culprits.

Ranga hatches a plan and injects cancer causing chemicals cleverly into the limbs of the culprits, making them immobile, like living vegetables.

Here comes Ajay, a tough police officer who is entrusted with solving the case of Akshata.  In the course of his investigation, he finds out the truth about the masterplan of the mind reading medico, in avenging those people who brutally killed his lover.  How Ajay cracks the case forms the core of the story.



The main strength of Special lies in the ‘never seen before’ screenplay with a clear cut method of storytelling.  Most of the story is told in the form of a flashback, with intercuts through the eyes of the police officer who cracked the case.  Ajay is menacing and caring at the same time, with his powerful dialogue rendering. He brings credibility and poise to the character of a cop.  Similarly, the main catalyst of Special is the character of Ranga, who is the mind reader.  His identity is always kept a secret till the end to retain the intrigue and suspense in the script.  The rest of the supporting cast do their job well.

The chasing scenes, including the one with Ajay and the culprits, are really interesting.  The camerawork by Amar Kumar adds to the racy pace of the movie.

Special is a special film which deserves special attention!




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