Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu Telugu Movie Review

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Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu Telugu Movie Review

Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu Review – An Adventurous Treat Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu, an official remake of the Tamil movie Goli Soda (2014,) is a faithful remake which holds on to the soul of the original.  The story traces the journey of four market coolies, who overcome odds to live a life of their choice.  The ensemble cast provide a perfect blend of emotions in the movie. Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu is a veritable treat to watch.

Movie Details:
Cast: Lagadapati Vikram Sahidev, Madhusudhan Rao, Tara, Raghu Karumanchi and Priyanka Jain
Director: Raghu Jaya
Music: Hari Gaura

Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu tells the story of four teenage boys who work at a vegetable market, under the caretaking of a vegetable vendor, Poorna (Tara,) whom they fondly address as Poornakka.  They want to start a food mess of their own in the market area and are granted a godown by the owner of the market, Naidu (Madhusudhan Rao.) They start a food hotel of sorts with the supervision of Poornakka.

The boys make most of the opportunity and earn well with their mess.  However, trouble sprouts when a relative of Naidu, played by Raghu Karumanchi, uses the mess for illegal activities.  The boys allow him to use the mess first as he is Naidu’s man, but slowly resist and revolt at the misdeeds of the man.  They manhandle him and kick him out. This enrages him and Naidu comes to know about this.

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An enraged Naidu vows to extract revenge against the boys for attacking his kin.  The rest of the story focusses on the way they overcome the local don and how they start a romantic relationship with local girls.


The victory of Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu victory is in its storyline which combines passion, ambition and hard work as buzz words.  All the four leads, led by the energetic Vikram Sahidev, perform well. In the scenes where they confront the villain and the action sequences in which they are involved—the boys are in their element.  The camerawork here is astounding, as it captures the enraging anger of the boys and the ensuing fight.

Raghu Jaya, the director, remains faithful to the original totally.  The gripping screenplay never allows you to a single dull moment in the movie.  There is a sub plot of the protagonists being involved in teenage love which is cleverly interwoven into the plot.  Priyanka Jain, who plays the love interest of Vikram Sahidev, shines in her role as a clever girl who helps to rescue the four boys when they are thrown away into different places.  Veteran Kannada actress Tara, who played Poorankka, the motherly figure to the boys, excelled in her role of a vendor who has a heart of gold.

Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu will be remembered for its interesting storyline, the live wire performance of Vikram Sahidev and for being a great story about how to live a happy life.


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