ABCD Telugu Movie Review

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ABCD Telugu Movie Review

ABCD: American Born Confused Desi is a hilarious take on the new generation American Non Resident Indians (NRIs,) who do not know how what it takes to earn money.  The father character mentions this in the movie, as a generation shift in knowing the harsh realities of life.  They are mostly pampered lots and Mama’s boys who live a spendthrift life and while away their time.  What happens if an American Born Telugu boy is cut off all his luxuries and sent to India to fend for himself with his all money sources stifled?  This is the core story of ABCD, starring Allu Sirish in the lead role, assisted by his best friend, Master Bharath.

Movie Details:
Cast: Allu Sirish, Master Bharath, Rukhsar Dhillon, Nagendra Babu and Kota Srinivasa Rao.
Director: Sanjeev Reddy
Music: Judah Sandhy


Avi (Allu Sirish) is a rich NRI residing in his palatial house and living a carefree life. His businessman father, played by Nagendra Babu, wants to teach him the value of hard earned money. In order to do so, he blocks all the credit cards and money sources and sends Avi to Hyderabad to live a spartan life, fending for himself.  Avi, along with his friend Basha (Master Bharath,) experiences the harsh realities of daily life, to live a hand to mouth existence and in the process befriends Rukshar Dhillon.  She helps him understand the way a person lives and what to value the most—not money, but relationships and responsible behavior should be the hallmark of any individual.

Allu Sirish brings in a rare sincerity in depicting the clueless behavior of a confused spoilt brat very well. His interactions with his father and Kota Srinivasa Rao are worth mentioning. Rukhsar performs with a maturity rare for a newcomer in Telugu Cinema. Master Bharath maintains the comic timing excellently in this movie, which makes this one a watchable treat.

All supporting cast are seasoned actors, including Nagendra Babu, so they do create the impact their roles demand.The music by Judah Sandy is average, but he elevates the comic scenes with vitality.
In totality, ABCD makes a one time watch and remains faithful to the original Malayalam movie of the same name.


ABCD Telugu Movie Review
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