Mahesh Babu Starrer Maharshi- 5 Reasons To Watch

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Life Goals Of Maharshi- Don't Miss These Aspects

Maharshi, the Superstar Mahesh Babu starrer, released on May 9th to a largely positive response from one and all, making it a delightful outing Mahesh Babu had after Bharat Ane Nenu (2018.) Maharshi, directed by Vamshi Paidipally, focuses on issues which affect every citizen of India.  
If you have not watched Maharshi yet, you are definitely missing a lot.  Let us list the things for which one serious cinephile cannot miss Maharshi.

Mahesh Babu’s characterisation
Of late, the Superstar is being very choosy with his scripts and Maharshi was one with an evolving character arc which had a starting point, an aim and a fine conclusion, which one rarely finds in Telugu Cinema. Mahesh showed three variations in his character, from a responsible student, to a smart businessman and a kindred soul who acts as a crusader for the cause of the farming community. The undercurrent of all these stages were metaphorically woven to signify the elevation of a man to a great soul. Each stage showed a determined effort to achieve the set goal.  

The importance of rural empowerment
Maharshi dedicates a lion’s share to the travails of the farming community and focuses on the practical solutions to solve farmers’ problems of a flawed rural credit system, the political mafia and the apathetic media, which turns a blind eye to the harsh realities.  The movie throws light on the important ‘corporate responsibility’ dictum, which even Warren Buffet and Bill Gates still follow by donating a large chunk to social causes worldwide. Maharshi teaches a veritable lesson to the youth and the state—to facilitate this reciprocative attitude towards the main breadwinners of India, with whose toil the citizens are what they are.  

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Serious friendship goals
Maharshi had a wonderful friendship track, featuring the camaraderie between Rishi Kumar (Mahesh) Babu and Ravi Shankar (Allari Naresh,) which was a delight to watch.  Ravi and his rock solid faith in rural reconstruction and Rishi’s repartee of setting up a corporate setup in the village tells a tale that the Nation’s riches are in the villages, not in the cities. The movie also focuses on the fact that one should strive to protect and promote the agricultural setup.

Weekend Agriculture
Maharshi gave us a new watchword to inculcate in the curriculum of education—weekend agriculture.  Weekend agriculture is about educating everyone about the efficacy of agriculture and its promotion by the young professionals. The youth can promote this concept by going to their own village, participating in field work by sowing seeds and becoming a part of a self sufficient village ecosystem.  

The importance of selfless service
One of the winning points of Maharshi is the way Prakash Raj’s character helps the people of his locality, both monetarily and through counselling. The role is written with consistent clarity that whatever one’s financial status is, one should strive to help others, to have a word of appreciation and a small smile on the face, which would make it easier to fight the daily battles.

In short, Maharshi represents the human condition conveyed through the character of Rishi.  One of the brilliant allegories in recent times, the plot of Maharshi signifies the chief goal of human existence—of elevating one’s own self to great heights in the chosen field of aspiration.


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