Hitler Telugu Full Movie

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Hitler Telugu Full Movie


Hitler – The Re Entry Pass Of Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi, the Box Office King, remained silent, the theatres were empty and the squeals ‘Chiru’ and ‘Megastar’ were not heard.  It was the beginning of 1997, when Telugu Cinema’s Megastar did not have a hit for more than a year and a half.  All his previous movies, Big Boss, Rikshavodu and Sipayi did not fare well at the box office. Chiranjeevi was waiting direly for a hit and that came in the form of a Malayalam remake, one in which Mammotty played a strict brother who brings up his five sisters with military diligence and discipline.

Hitler, as the name suggests, is about the life of a commoner, Madhava Rao, played by Chiranjeevi. Madhava Rao brings up all his five sisters by keeping them away from the world and picking up quarrels in the process, earning him the name, Hitler.

Hitler used everything for which Chiranjeevi was famous—his punch dialogues, his peculiar mannerisms, his trademark dances and his power packed action sequences.  In short, the movie was a veritable treat for Chiranjeevi’s fans.

The story, though was a Malayalam one, was moulded to suit the Telugu audience.  The foot tapping number Nadaka Kalisina Navaratri by music director Koti was a chartbuster back the. It was even spicier with the presence of Rambha, who played the lead alongside Chiranjeevi.

Mutyala Subbaiah directed this movie, which had a dream run since its release on January 4th 1997, relieving the Megastar and his lakhs of fan, as the movie came after a string of flops.  The popularity was such, the movie was dubbed into Tamil and made Chiranjeevi a star of the South Indian film industry again.

The cash registers twinkled with money , the theatres went into a tizzy chanting ‘Chiru’ and ‘Megastar.’ It was a rebirth of sorts for the eternal Megastar of Telugu cinema.

Director : Muthyala Subbaiah

Starring : Chiranjeevi, Rajendra Prasad,Rambha

Genres : Action, Comedy, Drama

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