Sid Sriram on a High

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Sid Sriram on a High

Inkem Inkem Inkem Kavale… the song wafted in the air and caught the imagination of millions of cinema lovers, courtesy the soothing vocals of Sid Sriram. In fact the Vijay Deverakonda and Sid Sriram’s collaborations have yielded gold for lakhs of youth.

Recently Sid Sriram opened up about the journey so far in a interview to a tabloid.”my strong grounding in Carnatic music made me stand in good stead wherever i sang.Gita Govindam made me a household name in the South, whatever be the language, they connected to my singing style and we had great time recording it.

Again we continued our association in Taxiwala.’Maate Vinadhuga’ was anther song which made me much closer to the film goers.And I think people in Telugu see me as the voice of Vijay Deverakonda .
Now, we have this song ‘Viraham Pongele’ and ‘Madhu Pole Mazhaye’ which topped the charts on every social media platform from Dear Comrade. I hope everyone supports me like this in my future projects too.(sic.)”.Let the Sid Sriram wave continue to sooth us all.


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