Akkadokaduntadu Telugu Full Movie

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Akkadokaduntadu Telugu Full Movie


Akkadokaduntadu is a comedy thriller which inlcudes an ensemble cast, helmed by Ravi Babu.It tells the story of an adventurous and ardourous journey of five friends, who accidentally get into a hit and run case and thier ordeal with an eye witness to save themselves from the crime.It includes the looting of black money of a reputed politician, played by Ravi Babu.The plot gets tight once,these friends reach his place and face an unusual blind man, Yogi(Siva Kantamaneni).The rest of his backstory forms the main
plot of the movie.

Director : Sripada Vishwak

Starring : Siva Kantamneni, Ravi Babu

Genres : Drama, Suspense, Action

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