Zahreela Hindi Full Movie

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Zahreela Hindi Full Movie


Zahreela revolves around Swapna (Ishitha) a girl who lost her parents in a tragic way. Her life revolved around them and since she lost them she decides to get married into a joint family. She falls in love with Chanakya (Tanish). On the other hand, Chanakya is not interested in her and discourages all her advances . Things take a turn when Chanakya’s family gets murdered which has something to do with Swapna’s past. How does Swapna’s past relate to Chanakya? Why does Chanakya avoid Swapna? Will she able to win his heart? The answers to these questions is the essence of Zahreela.

Director : G Srinivasan

Starring : Tanish, Ishita Dutta

Genres : Drama

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