Kanchana 3 Telugu Movie Review

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Kanchana 3, the fourth movie in the Muni franchise, hit theatres today. Featuring some of the most celebrated artists, Kanchana 3 is from the same genre as its prequels, horror comedy. However, this genre is pretty difficult to handle as the director needs to tread the delicate line which separates two completely contradictory emotions. Let us see if Raghava Lawrence  nailed it or not.

Movie Details:

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Oviya, Vedhika, Nikki Tamboli, Kabir Duhan Singh and Soori

Director: Raghava Lawrence

Producer: Kalanidhi Maran and Raghava Lawrence

Music: Doopaadoo (Raj & Kapil, Jessie, Bharath Madhusudanan, Sai Bharath, Saravedi Saran)


The story starts on a regular note and introduces Raghava as a youngster who is afraid and scared at the mere mention of horror stories. He gets possessed by two ghosts who are after the blood of a power hungry politician. One of these spirits is Kaali, a powerful man who runs an orphanage . This politician tries to take over the orphanage and convert it into a place for illegal transactions and black money. The rest of the story is how Kaali stops the forces which are trying to take possession of his orphanage.


  • Raghava Lawrence  puts up a tremendous performance even though he juggles between the role of an actor, a director and a producer as well.
  • The actresses, Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli, added to the glamour quotient and elevated the overall appeal of the movie.
  • Kovai Sarla, who played the role of Raghava’s mother, was at her best  in this movie and her humour worked wonders on the audience.
  • The CG works of this movie were commendable and deserve a round of applause. 


  • The cast of the movie were good in their designated roles.
  • The cinematography was good and was wonderfully executed and the credit goes to Vetri and Sushil Choudhary.
  • The music and BGM of Kanchana 3 are two other highlights of this movie and the credit  goes to S. Thaman.
  • The groovy dance moves in Kanchana 3 capture the audience’s attention. 


  • The storyline goes on the well beaten track of the prequels of Kanchana 3. There is nothing new the audience will see in this movie.
  • The editing work was sloppy and needed more attention.
  • The humour was  forced in certain instances and may bore the audience to a certain extent.
  • The actresses have  little or no role in this movie and that is another huge drawback. 


Kanchana 3 is a story with a unique message and a good storyline. For all those who love comedy horror movies, Kanchana 3 will quench your thirst!



Kanchana 3 Telugu Movie Review
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