Divyamani Telugu Full Movie

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Divyamani Telugu Full Movie


Divyamani – Divyamani is the story about an ordinary person Naamalu (Suresh Kamal). He is a normal man who goes about his work without anyone noticing. However, things change and under unusual circumstances, he comes to posess a rare gem called Divyamani. Naamulu is fascinated by this gem but does not realize its true potential until much later. He finds out that the gem gives the owner extraordinary powers and makes him one of a kind. Now, it is upto Naamulu what does he do with all this power. The journey of him finding the gem and using his strength forms the essence of the story.

Director   : Giridhar Gopal

Starring   : Suresh Kamal, Vaishali Deepak, Sayaji Shinde

Genres   : Action

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