Simhadriya Simha Kannada Full Movie

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Simhadriya Simha Kannada Full Movie


Narasimhe Gowde (Vishnuvardhan) is the head of 48 villages. He earned the respect and trust of these villagers and people held him in high regards for his sincerity and wisdom. His judgement was unquestioned and was always unbaised. After his untimely death, his elder son Gowda (Vishnuvardhan) takes his place. Gowda, who knows very little about the power of the position he is in, he passes a wrong judgement against his brother Chikka (Vishnuvardhan). What are the circumstances that lead to this decision? Why did Gowda’s judgement get clouded is the rest of the story of Simhadriya Simha.

Director : S.Narayan

Starring : Vishnuvardhan, Bhanu Priya, Meena

Genres : Action, Drama, International

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