Anubhava Kannada Full Movie

Anubhava Kannada Full Movie
Anubhava Kannada Full Movie


Anubhava is the story of a village girl Gauri who marries Ramesh just after attaining puberty. However, being a young girl that she is, she does not understand the needs of her husband. Disappointed and confused, Ramesh goes back to the city with Paddi, a woman who had always eyed on him. Things take a wild turn when Paddi gets involved with a criminal. By then, people around get the wind of their relationship. Paddi takes off with this criminal leaving Ramesh to his fate. Now, Ramesh is the primary suspect in an ongoing investigation. Rest of the story is about how Ramesh gets back to his wife.

Director : Kashinath

Starring : Kashinath, Abhinaya, Umashree

Genres : International, Drama

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