Alluda Majaka Telugu Full Movie

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Alluda Majaka Telugu Full Movie


Alluda Majaka story revolves around Sitaram (Chiranjeevi) and his sister Malleswari (Ooha). Malleswari falls in love with a wealthy young man and submits herself to him under the impression that he will marry her. However, she discovers that she is cheated and her brother, Sitaram is falsely accused of murder. Sitharam sets out to take revenge on Vasundhara (Lakshmi) after his sister is falsely accused of prostitution and him of murder. With a lot of emotional twists and comical turns, Sitaram proves that love is far greater than greed.

Director : E. V. V. Satyanarayana

Starring : Chiranjeevi, Lakshmi, Ramya Krishna

Genres : International, Drama, Action, Comedy

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