Pakistan’s Counter To Airstrike – Ban All Indian Movies

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Pakistan Counter To Air Strike: Ban All Indian Movies

During the early hours of the 26th of February, 16 IAF jets flew over Balakot, a remote area in PoK, where a terror group was dwelling. With a go ahead from the NSA and the Prime Minister’s Office, the jets dropped 1000 kg bombs on the terrorist camps of Jaish e Mohammed, wiping them clean off the face of the earth.

The whole operation was carried out in under 30 minutes, where three major terrorist camps were destroyed. One of the most effective operations by far, the airstrike left Pakistan red faced in front of the whole world. As a counter to the airstrike, the Pakistan Information Ministry released a statement stating, no Indian movie will be released in Pakistan. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and the Exhibitors Association were instructed to let go of all the Indian content, movies, ads and ban them. This will be effective immediately until further notice. With this drastic and reckless move, Pakistan is set back by Rs. 102 crores, a considerably large amount to mark as a loss.

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On the other hand, the Indian cinema is not affected by the least with this move as the authorities of Bollywood have already decided not to air any Pakistani content on any of our channels.

What started as a counter to the airstrike resulted in a huge loss in the Balance of Trade accounts of Pakistan.



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