4 Letters Movie Review

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4 Letters Movie Review

4 Letters is a movie which revolves around the various definitions and principles by which an individual lives. 4 Letters, to someone might mean ‘love,’ to someone else, it might mean ‘live’ and to someone else, it might mean ‘life.’ In short, every person’s take on how to handle their life.

4 Letters Movie Details:

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Cast: Eswar, Tuya Chakraborty, Anketa Maharana, Suresh, Kousalya and Posani

Director: R. Raghuraj

Production: Dommaraju Hemalatha & Dommaraju Udaya Kumar

Music: Bheems Ceciroleo


The story of 4 Letters revolves around a happy go lucky guy, Eswar, who comes from a very well off background. His father, Suresh, is a wealthy businessman who spoils his son with big gifts and generous pocket money. While that is the case with Eswar, Tuya Chakraborty belongs to a very mediocre and middle class background. Tuya’s father abandons their family when she was a child and since then, she is under the protective wing of her mother. Tuya’s mother has big dreams for her. She wishes to make her child an international violinist and makes every effort to get her to that place. Eswar meets Tuya under unusual circumstances and they fall for each other. However, Tuya is stubborn and refuses to express her feelings to Eshwar. In the meanwhile, Anketa Maharana enters Eswar’s life and she readily confesses her feelings for him. He is stuck in this situation and tries to figure out how to get out of it. Whether Eswar manage to come out of this situation or not is the essence of this story, 4 Letters.


  • The lead actor of the movie, Eswar, did a great job in 4 Letters.
  • The female cast were good in 4 Letters. Their expressions and spontaneity really added bonus points to the movie.
  • The comedy timing is perfect and Annapurna, Posani and Dhanraj outdid themselves in 4 Letters.


  • High production values are a huge plus point.
  • The engaging storyline is another winning point.
  • Bheems Ceciroleo really added great music to this movie, thus taking it to a whole new level.


The plot line of the story goes on a track well beaten and thus the ending is quite predictable.


4 Letters is a game changer when it comes to movies which deliver a message. The director of 4 Letters tried to deliver a very important message to the youth of this generation. He tried to explain how to figure out life’s most crucial and important rules by which one lives. A must watch movie for the youngsters of this generation.

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