Krish Jagarlamudi Opens Up About Manikarnika Controversy

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Krish Jagarlamudi Opens Up About Manikarnika Movie Controversy

Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi, hit theatres on the 25th of January 2019. While the whole Nation was celebrating Republic Day, Manikarnika hit theatres as a tribute to all those who sacrificed and fought to win India’s freedom.

Directed by Krish Jagarlamudi, Manikarnika is one of the most prestigious projects which added credit to Krish’s work, post the success of Gautamiputra Satakarni. However, even though Manikarnika gave a reason for everyone in the movie biz to make a note of the movie, it also brought its fair share of controversies to the fore.

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Though the directorial credits of Manikarnika were claimed by both Krish and Kangana Ranaut, Krish Jagarlamudi revealed, he played a greater role in the vision he had for Manikarnika and his work towards it. The director stated, he did not want the movie to get affected in any way, i.e., financially or promotions wise, and that is the reason he maintained a low profile. However, now that the movie hit theatres, Krish decided to break his silence and confront Kangana.

Krish stated, Kangana denied all knowledge of his full name mentioned in the credits of the movie. He revealed, in the beginning, it was just his name, Krish, on the poster. However, from the second poster onwards, his complete name, Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi was mentioned. Krish reasoned, perhaps it was a deliberate move to confuse the audience as he is well known among the audience and the movie biz as Krish.

Krish also mentioned, Sonu Sood, one of the noted actors of the Bollywood industry, quit Manikarnika on similar grounds. Post the shoot of Manikarnika, the Team was watching the first cut of the movie and Kangana said, the character of Sonu Sood was very overpowering. Krish clarified, Sonu Sood’s character was that of an antagonist and was designed to be that way. While Sonu Sood’s run time was close to 100 minutes in the movie, Kangana took the liberty of chopping off a major chunk of his portion and reduced it to 60 minutes. This enraged the actor and he walked off from the sets of Manikarnika.

The director also cleared the air about Kangana’s tall claim  of shooting 70 percent of the movie. Krish had already wrapped up more than 70 percent of the shoot and was itching to get back to Hyderabad to resume work on the NTR biopic. Kangana offered to help on wrapping up the patchwork of the movie, which assured Krish of a proper supervision over Manikarnika and he came back to Hyderabad. However, things started getting out of control once Krish was not on the sets anymore.

The producers also sided with Kangana, which left Krish flabbergasted. Krish demanded an explanation as to how the producers let this go on even if she is playing the protagonist role in Manikarnika. Krish said, “She is the protagonist and I am the director, directing a genre that I know. What gave her the right to tamper with what I did?”

Though Manikarnika is doing pretty decently at the box office, it would remain in the minds of the audience for completely different reasons.


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