Naga Babu Opens Up About Balakrishna Comments

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Naga Babu Opens Up About Balakrishna Comments

Naga Babu, the mega brother of the Konidela family, was recently all over social media for his sensational comments about actor Balakrishna. Naga Babu garu, one of the most eminent personalities in the Telugu film industry, who is mainly known for his television show Jabardasth, expressed his concerns over some disturbing comments made by Balakrishna about the Konidela brothers.
Naga Babu expressed his disapproval of such kind of behaviour and stated, these kind of comments are uncalled for and deeply insulting. He also said, there were several instances where Balakrishna  brought the Konidela family into the spotlight.
To justify his statement, he played the videos in which Balakrishna made the comments. Naga Babu garu also stated, Balakrishna insulted the Konidela family and its members close to 6 times in front of the media. Even when the Konidela family members declined to respond to these comments, Balakrishna tried to provoke them on multiple occasions.
The first video was about Balakrishna’s sensational comment, “Who is Pawan Kalyan? I don’t know any Pawan Kalyan.”
This news made the headlines and shook the media as well, since Pawan Kalyan is one of the most noted and eminent personalities in the movie industry. His fame and fan base is spread all over the globe.

Naga Babu responded to this by saying, though Pawan Kalyan is a movie star, everyone may not know him and that is totally justified. However, Naga Babu garu was enraged as Pawan Kalyan was approached by Chandrababu Naidu to promote Telugu Desam Party (TDP.) Pawan Kalyan agreed to the request and selflessly promoted the party. Although Pawan Kalyan did not contest the elections, he led the TDP to victory through his promotions. Post the elections and such hard work, when asked about Pawan Kalyan, Balakrishna’s comments about Pawan Kalyan upset the Konidela family.

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“When such a selfless act goes unrecognized, why are the fans of Balakrishna upset when I said the same about Balakrishna?” asked Naga Babu garu.
The second video was about Balakrishna’s crude comment, “We don’t like to make anyone a hero. We are the superstars.”
This comment by Naga Babu garu came after Pawan Kalyan retaliated to his comment. Naga Babu garu said,
“It is totally Pawan Kalyan’s mistake to react to the comment. However, instead of stating what is right or wrong in the retaliation, when one directly comments on the superstar status of an actor, brushes him aside and claims to be a star himself (Balakrishna), that hurts us,” says Naga Babu garu.


Naga Babu garu further added and directed the question toward Balakrishna, “Do you think only you can comment on others? Do you think only you are the superstar? Everyone is a superstar if he has gained some following among the public and that doesn’t mean they are not stars or have not worked hard to reach the top. You don’t have to make anyone a star, people make or break stars. Not us.”

The third comment by Balakrishna was about Amitabh Bachchan and Mega Star Chiranjeevi and their political careers.


Naga Babu stated, “Amitabh Bachchan is as old as your own father, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and is equally respected and talented. Saying things like that is not only being disrespectful but is also highly unacceptable. Questions like what did Chiranjeevi do and what did he acheive are not necessary. Statements like we are different, our breed is different and our blood is different not only enrage the fans as these statements attribute a divine quality to you (Balakrishna) which you do not possess. We are all commoners and not blue blooded aristocrats (sic.)”



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