Idam Jagath Telugu Movie Review

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Idam Jagath Telugu Movie Review

Idam Jagath is a movie inspired by the movie Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy. Idam Jagath revolves around the lead character who is forever in search of a juicy story to make it big in the news world. Idam Jagath is all about how he gets hold of a story and how it landed with him in the first place.

Idam Jagath Movie Details:

Cast: Sumanth, Anju Kurian, Adithya

Director: Anil Srikantam

Producer: Sridhar Gangapatnam, Padmavathi Jonnalagadda

Music: Sricharan Pakala


The story of Idam Jagath revolves around Nishith, a man suffering from Delayed Sleep Disorder. This disorder keeps him awake at nights and makes his life difficult during the day. As a result, he lands a job which requires him to work during nighttime. A twist in the tale takes place when he happens to chance upon a stringer shooting a footage and there begins his quest for a juicy story. He finds one after a prolonged wait and search, but then, his conscience is conflicted. Does he report the crime he witnessed? Or does he retain the story and make it his ticket to become a star news person? This forms the essence of Idam Jagath.


  • Sumanth put up a terrific performance in the role of Nishith.
  • Though Anju Kurian has a limited role to play, she did a great job at playing her part.


  • The biggest plus point of Idam Jagath is Sumanth. His performance in this movie is brilliant.
  • High production values are an added bonus to the movie.
  • The casting of Idam Jagath is good and that is precisely why the movie is interesting and engaging.


  • Idam Jagath lacks originality. The character resemblance is uncanny and one wonders why the makers of Idam Jagath made the movie so similar to Nightcrawler.
  • Too many unnecessary characters make the story confusing and a drag to watch.


Idam Jagath is a good movie to watch, provided you haven’t watched the Dan Gilroy movie. It is a must watch for all those who love thrillers and action dramas.

Idam Jagath Telugu Movie Review
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