Bluff Master Telugu Movie Review

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Bluff Master Telugu Movie Review

Bluff Master, the title itself is interesting and develops curiosity. Bluff Master is a story of a conman who pulls off stunts and cons larger than life. However, over the years, the art of conning has evolved and the plots of the cons are getting more complicated and vicariously planned. However, these schemes are an inspiration from real life conmen who make a living by fooling others.

Bluff Master Movie Details:

Cast: Satya Dev, Nandita Swetha

Director: Gopi Ganesh

Producer: Ramesh, P.Pillai

Music: Sunil Kashyap


The story of Bluff Master revolves around Utham Kumar (Satya Dev,) a conman by profession, who cashes in on the beliefs of the public. Huge setups, make believe stories and running away with crores of money is his trademark style. The life of a conman is full of excitement and fun till he meets a worthy opponent in Aditya Menon. Aditya Menon challenges Utham Kumar to pull off the biggest con of his life, a con which will make him a very rich man or can go very wrong by ending with Utham having to face the wrath of people. In the midst all of this, Utham falls in love with Avani (Nandita Swetha) and her morals and beliefs are strong and he subconsciously starts getting drawn toward her and her personality. What happens to Utham? Will he be able to pull off the con or not? What is the challenge?


  • Satya Dev put up a tremendous act as a conman. He was convincing, realistic and his powerful dialogues made his screen presence a massive plus point for the movie.
  • Nandita Swetha played the role of Utham Kumar’s love interest and she did a decent job as Avani.


  • The cons in Bluff Master were cleverly plotted and planned. The designer of these cons deserves an applause.
  • The cast of Bluff Master were wisely chosen. Each of them played their part with conviction.
  • Aditya Menon did a decent job at playing the gangster, which adds another feather in the cap of Bluff Master.
  • Good production values brought out the best in Bluff Master.


  • Bluff Master is written and directed very well, but in certain places, the movie was not convincing enough.
  • While the movie picks up momentum and moves at a brisk pace, it slows down during certain scenes, thus creating a confusion about the momentum of the movie.


Bluff Master is a must watch for all those who love conman movies and are die hard fans of mind games. For more details about Bluff Master, do watch it and let us know how many cons you were able to figure out!

Bluff Master Telugu Movie Review
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