Maari 2 Telugu Movie Review

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Maari 2 Telugu Movie Review

Maari 2 Review

Maari 2, one of the most awaited movies of Dhanush, hit theatres today. With the spice and masala which the mass audience loves, Maari 2 is here to entertain the audience with its power packed story and dialogues with superb timing. While Sai Pallavi packed an energetic performance, the highlight of Maari 2 is Dhanush. While Adithaangi and Sanikelamai added to the comedy angle, Dhanush’s dialogues in English make Maari 2 an out and out entertainer.


Maari 2 Movie Details:

Cast: Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Adithaangi, Sanikelamai, Tovino Thomas, Krishna and others

Director: Balaji Mohan

Production: Dhanush

Music: Rajashankar


The movie starts off with Maari (Dhanush,) a street fighter who lives in Chennai along with his friends. When we say street fighter, he literally is one, as he kills, plays the hitman and kidnaps for a living. However, he is very emotional when it comes to friendship and loyalty. This is one of the reasons Araathu Anandhi (Sai Pallavi) falls in love with Maari. However, Maari, who is not familiar with any other relationship other than friendship, yells at Anandhi for irritating him and then confesses his own feelings. Meanwhile, an opponent gang approaches Maari and his best friend Kalai to help them smuggle drugs. Maari is strictly against the idea of drug trafficking. However, Beeja, who brews a deep hatred toward Maari, enters their lives and wreaks havoc. Beeja was arrested and tortured in jail and that affected his mental status. He ends up as a psychotic murderer who tortures and kills people. What happens when Maari and Beeja have a faceoff? Will Maari end up with Anandhi? What the reason for the animosity between Maari and Beeja is is the essence of Maari 2.



⦁ Sai Pallavi absolutely nailed her performance as Araathu Anandhi in Maari 2. Sporting a nose pin and a rudraksha, she pulled off the Tamil girl look in style.

⦁ Dhanush, with his quirky dialogues and perfect timing, triggered laughs during unexpected sequences in the movie.

⦁ Varalakshmi Sarathkumar put up a terrific performance, but the only drawback was her limited role.



⦁ Sai Pallavi did a good job at nailing the role of Araathu Anandhi.

⦁ Dhanush also did a great job as Maari, the don who is the favourite of all.

⦁ Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score and music added to the appeal of the movie.

⦁ The song Rowdy Baby, featuring Dhanush and Pallavi at their best, added the spice and appeal to Maari 2.

⦁ The editing of the film is just right and was kept precise for which G.K. Prasanna deserves the due credit.

⦁ Om Prakash’s cinematography captured the action sequences with great precision and he should be appreciated for the commendable job he’ did on the movie Maari 2.



⦁ Tovino Thomas delivered a decent performance, but went slightly overboard with his performance.

Maari 2 does not match up to Maari, but is an entertaining movie on its own.


Maari 2 is a fun and entertaining movie to watch. For all those who love mass masala entertainers, Maari 2 is a must watch. For more details, watch Maari 2!



Maari 2 Telugu Movie Review
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