Five reasons why one should not miss Hushaaru!

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Five reasons why one should not miss Hushaaru!

Hushaaru is one of the most fun and message oriented movies which came out in the recent times. Hushaaru is directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti, a debut director who took a story that goes on a track well beaten and made it engaging and entertaining.

With fairly familiar faces such as Rahul Ramakrishna, Tejas Kancheria and Priya Vadlamani and many others in lead roles, Hushaaru is a must watch for all those who are at the crossroads of choosing a regular career or choosing to pursue their passion


Here are 5 reasons why one should not miss the movie Hushaaru:

  • Hushaaru showcases the bare reality of the youth of the present generation: The confusion and the ambition to do something with their lives is evident and is a real conflict of thoughts these days for the youth and it was clearly showcased in Hushaaru.

  • Hushaaru also stresses on the importance of friends and their role: One major incident in one of the four friends’ lives shakes them up to the core and drives them to do something with their lives.

  • The music of Hushaaru adds to the charm of the movie: Along with some party songs which are entertaining and make one hit the dance floor, Hushaaru also features heart wrenching and soul touching songs for which the credit goes to the music composer, Radhan.

  • Hushaaru also focuses on how seriously one takes relationships these days: Their struggle to keep the relationship alive is natural and close to reality.

  • Hushaaru also shows how passionate one can be when they find the reason to struggle: When one finds the reason for their existence and the drive one feels when he discovers what he can do, there is no stopping or turning back from that point.

To figure out what we are emphasizing on, one must definitely watch Hushaaru and learn!

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