10 Most Memorable Roles Of Non-Lead Characters In Tollywood In 2018

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10 Most Memorable Roles Of Non-Lead Characters in Tollywood in 2018

Movies are the greatest inspiration one can find. It’s not just the stories they convey, but also the characters that make up the story of the movie are inspiring and spirit lifting. Some of these characters leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience that after a few years, a movie is remembered because of the character they played rather than the story they were part of or the story they told.

Here are a few awe inspiring and amazing characters from recent blockbusters!

1.Samantha as Madhuravani – Mahanati:


Madhuravani, a journalist who started her journey as a timid and shy girl gradually evolves as she learns more and more about the great personality of Savithrigaru. The director did not miss a beat in showing the complete transformation of a shy and timid girl to an open minded and mature woman. Samantha pulled off the role with such grace that it is hard to forget Madhuravani from Savithrigaru’s biopic.

2.Aadhi Pinisetty as Kumar Babu – Rangasthalam


Kumar Babu is another inspirational character from Rangasthalam. Even though he belonged to a small village, his outlook was modern and he strived for the betterment of his fellow villagers conditions. These days, one does not care even if our peer is in trouble. In such conditions, Kumar Babu stood in front of them and guided them to fight for their rights. One finds a true leader in Kumar Babu.

3.Anasuya as Rangamma – Rangasthalam


There is a saying in Telugu, One cannot fathom the depths of a woman’s heart. Ragamma attha’s role is a living example of it. Even though she had an ocean of misery behind her tough exterior, she stayed calm and smiling and never let anyone know about her tragedy. She is an inspiration to many women who work in the corporate world as she masked her true feelings and intentions with such grace and dignity.

4.Naveen Chandra as Bala Reddy – Aravinda Sametha


Bala Reddy character in Aravindha Sametha is also a living example of the saying, thinking changes from generation to generation. Though Bala Reddy’s father is a hardcore villain with no thinking or foresight about the future, Bala Reddy is someone who had an ounce of strength to stand up and fight for the future.

5. Unni Mukundan as Shakti – Bhaagamathie


Shakti, a character that is truly selfless and awe inspiring in the movie Bhaagamathie. He quit a corporate job and worked towards the upliftment of the tribal and backward areas. A thought process that one should inculcate in the preset generation.

6. Ramya Krishna as Sailaja Reddy – Shailaja Reddy Alludu


Ramya Krishna played the role of Sailaja Reddy, the dominant and self reliant woman in Sailaja Reddy Alludu. She played the head strong and powerful woman who decides how things should go and makes sure they work that way. A truly fascinating character that shows how a woman should treat herself. She should treat herself with respect, dignity and graciousness.

7. Praveena Paruchuri as Saleema – C/o Kancharapalem


Praveena Paruchuri played the role of Saleema, the prostitute in C/o Kancharapalem. She pulled off the role with such amazing ability that she left all the new age actresses far behind. She plays the love interest of a young man who is hell bend on marrying her. The way she pulled off the character of Saleema is the highlight.

8. Prakash Raj as Satya – Goodachari


Satya, a role played by Prakash Raj is a memorable one. His determination to bring up a child (grows up to be lead actor Adivi Sesh) on his own and his love towards the country got inculcated in the child though Satya was not his own father. Such a strong impression on the young child’s mind could only be imprinted if the personality is strong. Prakash Raj is a versatile actor and he played many such strong roles. Most of them stand out and Satya is one of them.

9. Abhinav Gomatam as Kaushik – Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi


Abhinav Gomatam played the role of Kaushik, the actor in Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi. The way he embraced the role of Kaushik stands out and is an inspiration to the current generation youth. He delivered the message that if one is passionate about his dreams, they are bound to be realized one day.

10. Naresh as Sarvesh (Sarva) – Sammohanam


The character of Sarva in Sammohanam is built in such a way that it is thought provoking and hilarious at the same time. Sarvesh retires early to persue his passion, acting and his family also supports him in his quest for his passion. While the climax definitely helps Sarvesh fulfill his dream, his character delivers a deep message that one is never too old to persue their dream.



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