Bhairava Geetha Dialogue Writer Ram Vamsi Krishna creates a sensation with his powerful Dialogues

Bhairava Geetha is the movie creating a sensation with its powerful screenplay and fantastic cinematography. While it is receiving an amazing response from the audience, it is also quickly becoming a hot favourite of the critics as well. However, Bhairava Geetha is gaining a lot of attention for its dialogues.

The dialogue writer of Bhairava Geetha is Ram Vamsi Krishna, a graduate from IIT Mumbai. One might be quick to assume, Ram Vamsi is from a Rayalaseema background. Well, they are wrong. Vamsi hails from East Godavari and not Rayalaseema or surrounding areas. However, he is an avid reader and he chanced on one of the novels by Madhurantakam Rajaram. Vamsi was quick to pick on the slang and put in all his efforts to pen down the dialogues for Bhairava Geetha.

With all the characters speaking in Rayalaseema slang in Bhairava Geetha, the audience who went to watch the premier show at the AMB Cinemas yesterday was astounded with the ease the language was rolling off the characters’ tongues. The credit definitely goes to the dialogue writer who made it possible. Now, Vamsi is currently the most talked about person in Tollywood for his powerful and impactful dialogues in Bhairava Geetha.


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