Subrahmanyapuram Telugu Movie Review

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Subrahmanyapuram Telugu Movie Review

Human emotions usually run on the basic factors of trust and faith, both of which are personal emotions. Among them, faith in God is a very personal feeling where one’s belief or nonbelief results in surprising outcomes. One such non believer, an atheist by nature, plays a key role in the story of Subramanyapuram.

Movie Details:

Cast: Sumanth, Eesha Rebba, Ali, Amit Sharma, Sai Kumar, Suresh

Director: Santosh Jagarlapudi

Producers: Dheeraj Boggaram and Beeram Sudhakar Reddy

Music: Sekhar Chandra


The story of Subramanyapuram revolves around Sumanth, who plays the role of a temple researcher. The story kicks off with an introduction about the history of Subramanyapuram, a village that holds a lot of significance due to the presence of a famous temple within its boundaries. However, things start becoming mysterious when a series of suicides start off in the surrounding areas of the village. Sumanth gets intrigued by these mysterious deaths and decides to investigate the matter. Eesha Rebba, who plays the love interest of Sumanth, also helps him in his investigation. The villagers of Subramanyapuram get terrified by the deaths which keep recurring in the village and decide to leave the village. Sumanth then challenges the temple authorities and sets a time span of 10 days to crack the mystery. Whether Sumanth succeeds in cracking the mystery of the temple or not is the essence of Subramanyapuram.


⦁ Sumanth, the male lead of Subramanyapuram, delivered a great performance. Sumanth is making a comeback after a long break and he was the ideal person to play the role of an atheist.

⦁ Eesha Rebba, who  plays the love interest of Sumanth,  looks glamorous and beautiful as ever and does justice to her role.

⦁ The chemistry between the lead characters was the highlight. They  look fantastic together on the screen.

⦁ The comedy angle by Ali also lightened the rather serious story of Subramanyapuram.


⦁ The storyline and the plot of Subramanyapuram is effective and strong.

⦁ The suspense factor played a prominent role in Subrahmanyapuram by keeping the movie afloat and running.

⦁ The songs of Subramanyapuram are another highlight. The melodious tunes will definitely strike a chord with the audience.

⦁ The camerawork of Subramanyapuram was effective and strong.


⦁ The editing work of Subramanyapuram needed a little more attention than usual to keep the story engaging.


Subramanyapuram is a good movie to watch. It runs on the concept of ‘to believe or not to believe,’ a clash between faith/ belief and science/facts. What will prevail in the end is the essence of Subramanyapuram.


Subrahmanyapuram Telugu Movie Review
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