Operation 2019 Telugu Movie Review

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Operation 2019 Telugu Movie Review

Movies related to politics are the most controversial and awaited for as they give the audience the much needed drama and musings over the current events and the existing political scenario. Recent movies such as Sarkar, NOTA and many other movies came out with a similar backdrop, but got stuck in major controversies with the ruling party. Now, another movie is out with a political backdrop, Operation 2019.

Movie Details:

Cast: Srikanth, Deeksha Panth, Hari Teja, Sunil, Manchu Manoj and Yagna Shetty

Director: Karanam P. Babji

Producers: Alivelu

Music: Rap Rock Shakeel

Uma Shankar (Srikanth) is an NRI who was born and brought up in a small village in India. During a series of events, it comes to his notice, the benefits and schemes of the government are not reaching the common public. Instead, they are reaching a prominent few who are making full use of the funds and prospering. Moved by the dire conditions of the farmers, he sends some funds to serve the common public. However, the funds fall in the wrong hands of a local MLA. The funds then get misused. Vexed with all the mediums of help exhausting, the farmers in the village commit suicide. Uma Shankar then decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to set things right. What Uma Shankar does and how things come to a meaningful conclusion is the story of Operation 2019.


  • Srikanth delivered a fantastic performance in Operation 2019. He played a pretty convincing role as Uma Shankar, the NRI.
  • Though a guest appearance, Manchu Manoj delivered a great performance in Operation 2019.
  • Deeksha Pant also did a decent job in Operation 2019.
  • The cast of Operation 2019 was chosen well and thus, complete justice was done to all the characters in this movie.


  • Srikanth and all the characters in Operation 2019 delivered a great performance and justified their roles.
  • The director of Operation 2019, Karanam Babji, who is known for the movie Mental, is back with another concept oriented movie. Karanam Babji paid special attention to the four main drivers which rule the political scenario, namely caste, religion, alcohol and money.
  • The timing of the release of Operation 2019 is great since it is during the elections period and social awareness can be brought about through the movie.
  • The music of Operation 2019 is good and appealing.



  • Certain scenes in Operation 2019 are a drag and bring down the overall energy of the movie.
  • The editing work on Operation 2019 is poor and needed more attention to elevate the effect of the movie.

Operation 2019 is a message oriented movie and is a must watch for all those who love political thrillers. It revolves around the current mindset of the society and the factors which drive this mindset.

Operation 2019 Telugu Movie Review
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