Inspiration behind Pakshi Raja from 2.0!

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Inspiration behind Pakshi Raja from 2.0!

The most terrifying and bone chilling character from the movie 2.0 is Pakshi Raja. His deep rooted pain and anguish fell on deaf ears and his helplessness resulted in fury. It took seed as an evil thought and the terrifying and ruthless Pakshi Raja came into existence.

An old man, an ornithologist by profession, took up the responsibility of conducting bird surveys across India and preserving the rare species of birds. He was the key person who brought about awareness among the people about birds and their role in the environment and is the pioneer is establishing a bird sanctuary, named Keoladeo National Park. This park is now known as the Silent Valley National Park. He received the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan, which are the highest civilian honours in India. This man is Salim Ali, the birdman of India.

Due to the excessive usage of mobile phones and electronic goods, the radiation levels in the environment are shooting up at alarming rates. This is resulting in the extinction of birds like sparrows, pigeons and many other little creatures which cannot sustain such high levels of radiations. Akshay Kumar’s role as Pakshi Raja is a striking resemblance of Salim Ali who fought for the coexistence of all the creatures and birds on earth, along with humans.

Pakshi Raja, though assumed to be evil throughout 2.0, delivered a message worth remembering. Earth is not made solely for humans. It is made for the survival of many other creatures along with humans. However, man is destroying the natural habitat of the other beings just to make himself more comfortable monetarily and physically.

Though 2.0 is being talked about for different reasons such as the VFX and the 3D effects in it, it also brings up a very concerning and an alarmingly increasing issue at hand  being steadily ignored i.e., the growing radiation levels.

Each one of us must ponder over this issue before realizing it is too late to fix the damage.

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