Thirsting Thursdays: A treat for the senses!

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Thirsting Thursdays: A treat for the senses!

One of the basic necessities for a being to survive is food. Food plays an important role in everyone’s life, though most of them tend to underrate it. However, some people pay extreme importance to food and keep themselves abreast with new dishes and keep reading up about the old ones. They consider food as therapy rather than a necessity.

When it comes to food, the best and the most polished people melt down when they taste a delicacy. Take a look at these amazing songs and how they are remembered even today for their fantastic description of food.

Mithunam: The songs Coffee Dandakam and Avakaya Mana Andaridi are a definite mention in this article, today, as Balasubrahmanyam garu outdid himself through these songs. From the drool worthy description of filter coffee and the amazing visuals to the visually appealing spread shown in Avakaya Mana Andaridi , every dish in it looks heavenly and divine.



Ulavacharu Biryani: The title song, Ee Janmame Ruchi is a visual treat to watch, with different dishes shot during the making. Ulavacharu Biryani is also a treat to the senses as Prakash Raj explains the process of cake making with such care and tenderness that one finds it hard to resist the urge to go grab a few eggs and flour.


Pelli Choopulu: The song Merise Merise in Pelli Choopulu makes one go grab a cheeseburger and forget about dieting, fitness and all the healthy snacks one keeps in a cupboard and skips it by default. Merise Merise will make sure one enjoys the fast food just as much one enjoys a proper meal at home.

Mayabazaar (old version): The old version of Mayabazaar features the song Vivaha Bhojanambu, which lists out all the traditional dishes of the Telugu household and how they are made. It brings such lost memories about our hometown and how our mothers and grandmothers made certain traditional dishes and served it with such care and affection.

Pelli Pustakam: The song Pappu Dappalam is a feast for the eyes and the ears. Right from piping hot rice with dal to the spiciest of the dishes like avakai (mango pickle,) every dish under the sky is covered in Pappu Dappalam and is described in such detail that one wishes to go grab a plate and feast on it without a care.

Egire Paavurama: The song Aaha Emi Ruchi features the many types of brinjals available all over the world and how the dishes which make use of brinjal should be made to extract the maximum taste out of the brinjal. An ardent brinjal hater will definitely be convinced to try this heavenly vegetable, at least out of curiosity as to what is so special about it.

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