2.0 Telugu Movie Review

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2.0 Telugu Movie Review

In the past couple of years, many movies came out in the science fiction genre and entertained the audience. These science fiction movies managed to impress the audience with their cinematography and storyline. Movies such as Aditya 369, 24, 7th Sense and many others came out in this genre, relating to the audience in a couple of circumstances and warning about the future effects of advanced technology in others. Beating all the records created by these movies, 2.0 is here with a new approach not witnessed by the South Indian cinema yet. Apart from this new approach, 2.0 brings with it excellent VFX and fantastic cinematography.

Movie Details:

Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain and others.

Director: Shankar

Producers: Allirajah Subaskaran, K. Karunamoorthy

Music: A. R. Rahman


The story of 2.0 revolves around a scientist named Dr. Vaseegaran, who teaches robotics at a college. He is assisted by his robotic assistant, Vennela (Amy Jackson.) During this course, the excessive usage of mobile phones starts affecting birds and other little creatures. The creatures suffer from the side effects of the radiations generated due to the extensive usage of phones. A concerned ornithologist, Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar,) raises his voice against the usage of mobile phones, but receives no positive response. Enraged, he starts taking away mobile phones from the public and in these dire circumstances, Chitti is brought back to life. A reloaded version of Chitti, Chitti 2.0, saves the day.


Rajinikanth is a true bubble of talent when it comes to playing different roles. He played the casual and stylish Vaseegaran and Chitti, a robot, with ease and grace and amazes the audience.

Amy Jackson, the beautiful lady, did a fantastic job in the role of Vennela, the robotic assistant.

Akshay Kumar, as Pakshi Raja, did a fantastic job in 2.0.


The cast and crew of  2.0 were chosen wisely, with care and precision.

The VFX in 2.0 were just right and were not overdone. The VFX in the second half of 2.0 are a treat to watch.

The songs of 2.0 by A.R. Rahman are going to play in the minds of the audience even after they leave the theatre.

The sound effects by Resul Pookutty deserve a special mention as they had a tremendous influence on 2.0 and elevated it to a different level.

Shankar deserves a grand applause for dreaming of such a magnum opus and bringing it to life.


A few parts of 2.0 were a drag. The absence of these scenes could have made the movie more effective in delivering its message.

The songs were good, but were placed inconsistently, which had a slightly negative impact on 2.0.


The movie 2.0 is truly a visual wonder and is a must watch for all age groups. Along with being a fantastic entertainer, 2.0 is not all about VFX and graphics, but also delivers an underlying message about how the environment is getting affected by the excessive usage of technology. A must watch for the weekend!


2.0 Telugu Movie Review
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