10 Reasons Why One Should Not Miss Watching 2.0!

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10 reasons why one shouldn't miss watching 2.0!

2.0, the movie that everyone has their eyes on, today, is creating a sensation on social media. 2.0 is trending on social media, especially on Twitter. On various other social platforms it is trending as the most talked about news currently.

We figured out 10 reasons why one shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to watch 2.0.


  • Shankar Shanmugam, the director of 2.0, dreamt of a magnum opus and converted it to reality with resonating clarity.
  • Rajinikanth’s quadruple action as Vaseegaran, Evil Chitti, Chitti 2.0 and Kutty Chitti is one of the best acts he ever put up.
  • Amy Jackson did a fantastic job as Nila, the humanoid robot in 2.0.
  • The VFX used in 2.0 are some of the best in the industry with the most entertaining and superb 3D transformations.
  • The 40 minutes of the climax are a visual treat as Chitti, the robot, and Pakshi Raja assume huge forms and their face off reminds one of the scenes from Transformers.
  • Finally, 2.0 is a visual wonder, which is an entertainer for all the sections of the audience and is therefore a must watch!
  • With high budget visuals and superb cast, Sharkar also used 4D sound system, the first of its kind in India. The sound engineer of 2.0 is Resul Pookutty.
  • The cinematography by Nirav Shah provided an extra burst of energy and elevated the effect of 2.0 to another level.
  • The concept of 2.0 is new and unique, for which Shankar deserves a round of applause for his effort to deliver a message which is much needed for this generation.
  • The songs of 2.0 deserve a special mention. They are composed by A.R. Rahman, the celebrated musician of the Indian cinema.

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