Wednesday Winners: Win over your Wednesdays in Style

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Wednesday Winners: Win over your Wednesdays in Style

Being the midpoint of the week, 2 days after Sunday and 2 days to go for Saturday, Wednesday is often the day which serves as a brief interval in a long journey toward the weekend.

To win over your Wednesdays in style and to start your day with a bang, here is a list of movies  which will bring an unexpected burst of energy to your day. Winning is not always about the game, it is about confidence, hard work, efforts, many toiled hours and sleepless nights. It is about setting goals and working toward them. Winning is about becoming an inspiration to many and setting a benchmark for everyone else.

Here are some of the most inspirational movies of our times which created a long lasting impression in the hearts and minds of our young generation.

Ashwini: Ashwini Nachappa was the legendary former athlete who beat P.T. Usha, the golden girl of the running track. Ashwini beat P.T. Usha on two separate occasions and is known by the title Indian FloJo (Florence Delorez Griffith–Joyner,) the fastest woman of the world. Ashwini Nachappa’s efforts were relentless, consistent and her will, strong as steel.


Guru:For someone who roams around on the streets with no goal to achieve and no record to create, boxing looks like something new and fancy. However, behind it lie many hours of hard work, dedication and above all, the dreams of a defamed coach who wants to prove his mettle. Enter Rameshwari, a ray of hope to the coach who experienced nothing but insults and shaming from the Boxing Federation. While Rameshwari wants to prove something about herself, her coach wants to prove himself through Rameshwari. Guru is an inspiration in the true sense as it conveys that when one aligns his/her goals and sets their priorities, they are bound to move toward success.

Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu: A movie filled with dreams, hopes and aspirations. An inspirational movie in the true sense, where the fight to win continues till the last breath. A team that is considered the underdog, surprises everyone by reaching the finals with efforts which surprise their coach and the rest of the audience.

Sye: There is a thin line between winning and losing. One should fight for it till the last breath and tear themselves down to fight for that inch. One should claw their way to the finish line, even if it is by that inch, because it makes a huge difference between winning and losing. This is the pep talk given by the coach of the rugby team in Sye. A speech which gets the heart racing, the blood boiling and the mind working at a speed one cannot fathom, Sye stands as an evergreen hit in the minds and hearts of the audience.


Golkonda High School:Fight for a cause, for yourself and for what you believe is right. Golkonda High School features young souls who want to save their school ground being torn down and replaced by a machine like institution which focuses on manufacturing students who mint ranks. Drawing inspiration from the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” Golkonda High School is an entertainer with a crisp and a clear message that to win, one must put in hardwork and effort.

DangalA movie which stood as a clear winner when it comes to inspiration. With a clear message that tiny drops make a mighty ocean, the Phogat sisters sacrificed many little things in life to stand among the few people who made our Country proud. The discipline and the unending effort they put in at a tender age, even when they didn’t know what the battle they are preparing for is, is commendable.

To draw inspiration, one needn’t read inspirational quotes. If you are a movie buff and are finding it difficult to find the motivation to work, take a look at these movies. The efforts put in by each of the characters in the movies, will inspire you and motivate you to pull through the week.


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