RGV Opens Up About Bhairava Geetha

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Ram Gopal Varma, the director who is well known for his fantastic movies such as Siva, Kshana Kshanam, Money and many other movies, is now presenting the movie Bhairava Geetha. Recently, during an interview, Ram Gopal Varma was asked a few questions about Bhairava Geetha. Here is the interview..


How will Bhairava Geetha bring you fame?


A movie might run due to many factors such as the story or the star cast of the movie. However, Siddhartha is different, he used the cinematic language to narrate the story of Bhairava Geetha. In fact, I saw someone with so much clarity and vision after so many years in the industry. Audience liking the movie or disliking it is a secondary aspect. The primary aspect is how the cinematic language is being communicated, which is very important for a filmmaker and Siddhartha got it right.


Usually, filmmakers go with familiar faces in the role of a lead actress, but you are different and you tend to bring in new faces to the industry. Why is that?


People tend to ask me the same question when I work with the same actress again and again. Now, you are asking me why I prefer new faces. With a smile he revealed, during the casting of any movie, character suitability is very important. Usually, when realistic movies are made, a fresh face is preferred as the audience believability factor increases and thus, they relate to it better.


Why do you have so much faith in Siddhartha over others? You have always encouraged new talent, but Siddhartha seems to have gained your confidence. Why is that?


I have introduced close to 30 or 40 new people to the industry, but Siddhartha is different when it comes to moviemaking. Certain scenes shot by other directors may have impressed me, but Siddhartha’s moviemaking style is different.


Your style of moviemaking is being perceived in the trailer and the teaser of Bhairava Geetha. What do have to say about it?


Usually, when someone approaches you for your guidance, they are drawn to you since they find similarities in their style and your style of moviemaking and that is why they resonate with you. Your sensibility matches with them, which is the reason you approach them.

When you see Bhairava Geetha, you will understand that Siddhartha and me are completely different when it comes to movies. His visual landscape is far superior than mine. I could never pull off such a thing.


Bhairava Geetha has a rural backdrop, which is a little different from the other movies coming out nowadays. Did you choose such a script as it is going to appeal to the audience’s taste?


We hear about caste and creed clashes all the time, but there is always a triggering factor to these fights. In Bhairava Geetha, a guy from a poor background falls in love with a rich girl, which serves as the triggering factor. A movie does not revolve around only one person. There are 5-6 characters who serve as the key people in the movie.


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