Siddhartha Thatholu: The Young Soul Who Made Bhairava Geetha

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Siddhartha Thatholu: The Young Soul Who Made Bhairava Geetha

Siddhartha Thatholu, the young soul who directed the much talked about movie Bhairava Geetha is bubbling with excitement. Bhairava Geetha is going to take the theatres by storm on the 30th of November 2018 and the audience are burning with anticipation.

Siddhartha Thotholu is just 23 years old and completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communications. The young director started his career by making short films and enjoyed doing it. His friend, Gautham who is also a short filmmaker, got a chance to meet Ram Gopal Varma insisted that his friends accompany him to Mumbai. Siddhartha met Ram Gopal Varma in one such meeting and from there began their association.

Siddhartha is a reserved and a closed off person, but when it comes to movies, a whole world of cinema runs inside his mind. Ram Gopal Varma discovered this during the making of a web series he was working on and Siddhartha suggested a concept to him. When Ram found that there was a different world Siddhartha sees through his camera, he decided to work with Siddhartha and give him a chance to prove his mettle.

Ram revealed in an interview, that he warned Siddhartha that making a feature film and a short film was not one and the same, but Siddhartha worked with the same dedication and passion and did not flinch once in the face of hard times. RGV was in for a surprise as Siddhartha seized the opportunity with zeal and zest. Not once did he seek the counsel of Ram Gopal Varma on how to direct the movie or what elements can be added to make it interesting. In fact, he had clarity on how the scene should work and what is the kind of response he wanted from the actor.

Ram Gopal Varma also added the vision that Siddhartha had is far superior to him and the quality and finish with which Bhairava Geetha has been made could not be replicated by Ram himself or anyone else.

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