Celebrities with their favourite fans moments!

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Celebrities with their favourite fans moments!

Celebrity is a term we often use when someone attains a status and grows famous in either entertainment or sports. However, we often tend to ignore the fact they are the biggest influencers and shapers of the society.

Celebrities’ every movement and expression is noted, pondered about and replicated by the audience, especially the fans. It is usually up to the celebrities to acknowledge their fans or move on with their stardom and build their career. However, most of the celebrities choose to interact with their fans, understand what they feel and empathize with them.

Some celebrities tend to surprise their fans with a sudden meet, giving the fan a fangirl/fanboy moment, which usually ends in surprising responses ranging from tears to uncontrolled laughter and happiness.

Listed below are the celebrities who gave their fans some time and let their fans bask in their fangirl/fanboy moment.


Mahesh Babu thrills his 106 year old fan!



Vijay Deverakonda meets and surprises his fan!

Pawan Kalyan’s meets his female fan!

Chiranjeevi’s fan gets her fangirl moment!

Mahesh fulfills the wishes of his fans!

Allu Arjun meets his fan and gifts her a fangirl moment!

Chiranjeevi gifts his fan a special moment!




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