Sunday inspiration: Movies that showcase our stars going from Rags to Riches

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Sunday inspiration: Movies that showcase our stars going from Rags to Riches

Sundays are usually the days when one feels lazy and sleepy. While one works all through the week, Sundays are often neglected in terms of importance, work and inspiration as well. To keep your inspiration levels intact, here is a list of movies which will keep your energy levels up and on top of your game.

Narasimha: Narasimha inspired many in the year 1999 and created a sensation in the Tamil Nadu and Telugu states. In Narasimha, Rajinikanth and his family are thrown out of their own house by their uncle and his sons. Rajinikanth works hard to restore the lost honour of his family. Though Rajinikanth grew rich and improved his status in a span of a three minute song, in real life, there are no shortcuts. One has to take the long route and strive hard to reach his goal.

Premaku Velayera: The movie Premaku Velayera is a story about a young guy who tries to find shortcuts to grow rich. However, he meets a girl with morals and responsibility. He tries to resist his feelings for her, but despite all his efforts, he falls in love with her deeply. The girl brings about a change in him and gradually sets him on the right path. Premaku Velayera delivers an important message: there are no shortcuts to success.

Vaasu: An ambitious young man named Vaasu aspires to be a musician and a world famous singer. However, his father has different plans for him. Vaasu resists his father’s pressure to become an IPS officer. However, Vaasu’s father finds out that Vaasu was never interested in being a police officer. Vaasu is driven out of his house and is forced to lead a life without his family. He meets a girl who believes in him and his music and from there on starts his journey toward his goal. Vaasu delivers an important message that success favours those who refuse to give up, no matter how hard the circumstances get.

Raja: Raja is a movie which inspired a lot of young and talented singers all over the Telugu states. Anjali and Raja meet under unusual circumstances and become friends. Anjali has a tragic past, but wishes to keep it to herself with a smiling and a pleasing aura. Raja, who is a petty thief, learns about her past and decides to do something about it. He does all kinds of odd jobs to meet their needs till he realizes that Anjali is a very talented singer and with proper guidance, she can achieve great things. From there starts their journey uphill to establish Anjali as a singer and a musician. Raja delivers an important message that recognition follows talent. It needs no recognition, promotion or propaganda.

Bhadrachalam:  Bhadrachalam is a movie about a directionless youth named Bhadrachalam, who spends his time roaming on the streets and fighting with every other person with whom he has a problem. He meets Parasuram, a taekwondo coach who gets injured by his own student. Bhadrachalam sympathizes with him and tries to dodge the proposal Parasuram and his daughter suggest about him training for taekwondo. Finally, Bhadrachalam realizes his destination lies in this sport and from there starts his training. He thrives, struggles and finally reaches a point where he realizes his goal. An important lesson in this movie is when the time comes, life introduces you to the right people and pushes you in the right direction.

Swayamkrushi: Swayamkrushi is an inspiration to many businessmen across the Telugu states. When a struggling young man with a few months’ old baby in his care ends up on the road, one loses all hope on him and the child. However, he struggles, works hard and makes his dream come true. He builds his empire right from the scratch and keeps worshipping his work even after he becomes the owner of a big company. The message this movie conveys is, never forget your roots once you reach the top.

Kondapalli Raja: Kondapalli Raja is an evergreen hit. Two individuals belonging to different sections of the society become friends. One of them is really rich and an opportunist, while the other is poor yet self dependent. They get seperated by fate and the one who is poor is insulted and hurt badly. He resolves to restore his lost dignity and strives hard to uplift his condition. However, in the process, he shuts off all kinds of relationships with everyone as he loses faith in humanity. Kondapalli Raja delivers an important message: sometimes, certain incidents happen in life to make us realize our true potential.

Challenge: Challenge is still an inspiration to the youth of our generation. An unemployed youth seeks a position in a big company. However, the Managing Director (MD) of the company is a man with an ego and drives the youth away by underestimating and insulting him. The young man, insulted and his ego bruised, challenges the MD of the company to do better and earn better than him and walks away. Five years later, the youth returns successful and makes the MD of the company realize his mistake. An important message in this movie is when life closes one door, it opens another with wider, better and greater opportunities.

Mahanati: A movie that inspired many and one of them made a movie about such a great personality. A little girl is told she cannot dance, she grew determined to learn dance. A teenage lady was told she cannot act, she became one of the greatest stars Telugu film industry has ever seen, a young woman told she cannot fall in love, she married the man of her choice. The little girl, the teenage lady and the young woman are all the same dynamic woman- Mahanati Savithrigaru. Her life story is a lesson to many and an inspiration to many women all over the world. Her life story delivers a memorable message that no matter how high you go, you will be remembered only by your good deeds. The movie delivers an important message that your happiness deserves to be shared with others.

A small dose of inspiration can do wonders for all those who need a little push to achieve great things. Our humble request to all those who diligently follow Telugu Filmnagar is to sit back, think, realize and refocus on the things and goals which matter to you and work toward them.

Stay tuned for Monday motivation!


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