Sainyam Telugu Movie Review

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Sainyam Telugu Movie Review

Revolution – a term which is in usage in the Indian society and culture context since generations. It is said, the thinking pattern changes from generation to generation. Our previous generations attributed patience and nonviolence as the weapons to fight the British, while our generation is adopting revolutionary thinking to fight the evils which plague our society. Corrupt, power hungry animals and greedy officials are slowing down the progress of our nation. Sainyam depicts the fight against these evils halting our progress.

Movie Details:

Cast: Vikranth Singh, Bhanu Prakash, Sanju Chowdary and others

Director: J. P. Sravan Kumar

Producers: Jamadagni Gotte

Music: Venkatesh Bolla


The story of Sainyam revolves a group of friends who are keen to make short films. A contest brings them to an area called Huzurabad, where people living there are suffering in dire conditions. The group of friends shoot their conditions and project it in their short film, ultimately resulting in them winning the contest. However, the conditions of the people there affect them deeply. They give away the cash prize they win in the contest in order to bring a change in the conditions of the people living in Huzurabad. However, the local leaders of the area find out what these friends are up to and warn them to not interfere in their localities’ issues. One of the friends rebels and contests for the position of the MLA of Huzurabad. The local leaders get to know about this and kill his family and him. A close friend of his gets affected by this horrific incident and decides to take matters into his own hands. What he does and how the story goes from hereon is the essence of Sainyam.


  • The male leads of Sainyam, Vikranth and Bhanu Prakash, did a decent job as first timers.


  • The director of Sainyam, J. P. Sravan Kumar, took up a unique concept and worked around it pretty well.
  • The cinematography of Sainyam was good.
  • A unique and different climax elevates the story and takes it to another level.
  • The music of Sainyam is good.
  • Production values of Sainyam are good.


  • Sainyam was a drag in certain scenes and could have been edited better.



Sainyam is a movie which was created out of the interest and passion of the cast and crew. The lead actors of Sainyam are real life MBBS students who stepped into the film industry out of their passion for cinema. Sainyam is worth watching for all those who believe in idealism and bringing about a change in the society.

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Sainyam Telugu Movie Review
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