24 Kisses Telugu Movie Review

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24 Kisses Telugu Movie Review

Love is in the air and winter is a perfect time to spend some quality time thinking about our loved ones. With the biting chill setting in, a deep warmth creeps in when we think of our one love who lights up our world. Many movies came out in this genre and set the benchmark for eternal love. Movies like Ye Maya Chesave, Arjun Reddy, Arya and Arya 2 created a sensation with their unique way of showcasing love. One such romantic genre movie is 24 Kisses. Let us find out if 24 Kisses makes its place on the shelf of the best romantic movies of the season.

Movie Details:

Cast: Heebah Patel, Adith Arun, Rao Ramesh, Ravi Varma and Naresh

Director: Ayodhya Kumar

Producers: Giridhar Mamidipally

Music: Joi Barua


The story of 24 Kisses revolves around Anand (Adith,) a filmmaker and a guy averse to commitment and relationships. He is someone who dodges serious things in life and enjoys life as it comes. A girl, who is straightforward and dislikes diplomacy, Sri Lakshmi (Heebah Patel,) a Mass Communication student, enters Anand’s life. The movie kicks off with Anand, the male lead of 24 Kisses, talking about his life and his story to a psychiatrist, played by Rao Ramesh. Anand and Sri Lakshmi fall in love, or at least Sri Lakshmi thinks so. Things get ugly when she discovers Anand is averse to commitment or anything which ties him down, such as family or marriage. She develops deep rooted feelings for him and his aversion toward relationships breaks her heart. It so happens,the hero had some experiences in his life and that is the reason of his aversion toward a commitment. Whether Anand manage to win Sri Lakshmi’s heart again or not is the essence of 24 Kisses.


  • The male lead, Adith,  did a fantastic job in this movie.
  • Heebah Patel delivered a great performance in the role of a girl next door with a simple and no glamour look.
  • Rao Ramesh has done a decent job in the role of a psychiatrist and his pep talks in 24 Kisses are a must watch.
  • Ravi Varma delivered a great performance and did complete justice to his role.


The cinematography and the light work are the highlights of 24 Kisses. Every scene was shot with great care and precision.

Though Adith worked on movies before, 24 Kisses will mark a milestone in his career as he delivered his 100 percent in this movie.


  • Certain scenes in 24 Kisses might cause mild discomfort to the audience and could be shot better.
  • The interval twist wasn’t that effective, In fact it would be more interesting if there was a scene which revealed the reason behind Anand’s behaviour.
  • There were several scenes that were repetitive and that could have been avoided.


24 Kisses is a modern take on the age old concept of opposite poles attract. However, the storyline needs to be strong and different for any movie to create a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. A different perspective on the current generation’s take on relationships is highlighted in 24 Kisses. However, it all depends on the audience as to how they decipher 24 Kisses.





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24 Kisses Telugu Movie Review
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