Sharabha Telugu Movie Review

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Sharabha Telugu Movie Review

The movie Sarabha hit theatres today. Several movies came out in the fantasy genre to date. B. Vittalacharya was the pioneer of movies belonging to the fantasy genre, but the evolving mindset of the audience demanded movies to which they could relate. Thus, came in the concept of socio fantasy genre. Socio fantasy genre quickly became the hot favourite of the audience. Some of the movies which belong to this genre and became super hits are Ammoru, Arundhati and Anji. Now, another movie titled Sarabha can be added to this list.


Movie Details:


Cast: Aakash Kumar, Jayaprada, Mishti Chakraborthy, L.B. Sriram, Tanikella Bharani and others

Director: N Narasimha Rao

Producers: Ashwani Kumar Sahadev

Music: Koti


The story of Sarabha revolves around the village Vishnupuram. Sarabha (Aakash) is a happy go lucky guy in the village. The story begins with the central minister’s daughter, Divya (Mishti,) being dropped off in the village as she experiences frequent nightmares and horrific dreams. The village’s temple is a prominent one and the girl’s father seeks counsel of the temple head priest. On the advice of the temple’s head priest, Divya is left in the village with Sarabha’s family. Her problems begin to increase multifold from there onward since she is born with a unique horoscope during a time when there was a certain planetary alignment. Chenrakshudu (Puneet Issar,) a black magician, tries to abduct Divya to give a human sacrifice to his deity to acquire more powers. However, his attempt gets foiled by Sarabha and his family. It turns out Sarabha’s family, which consists of Parvathiamma (Jayaprada) and Kartavarayudu (Napoleon,) have an old animosity brewing and it comes out into the open when Chenrakshudu sees Parvathiamma. What the animosity is about and how Sarabha plays a key role in the midst of it is the story of Sarabha.



The male lead, Aakash, delivered a tremendous performance even though this is his debut movie.


Charandeep deserves a special mention as he delivered a power packed performance.


All the characters of the movie did justice to their roles, thus bringing out the essence of Sarabha.



The technical team deserves a special mention as the artwork is simply impeccable.


The cinematography of Sarabha was handled by Ramana Salwa and he did a fantastic job.


The cast and the crew selection is perfect and each character added value to Sarabha.


High production values have elevated the movie and taken it to a different level.


The makeup artists of Sarabha deserve a special mention as they have done their job with utmost perfection.


Last but not the least, the writer turned director of the movie, Narasimha Rao, deserves a special mention as it is his debut movie.



Hardly any negatives were found in Sarabha as every aspect was taken care of and double checked to deliver a desirable output.


Sarabha is an engaging movie to watch. With high end graphics and CGI work, Sarabha has checkmarked all the aspects which make a good movie. However, proper promotions and marketing will help the movie achieve the blockbuster status it deserves. Usually, most of the movies fail to impress the audience as a lot of attention to detail is paid to the CGI work and less attention is given to the story. However, Sarabha is a movie which managed to strike a balance between CGI effects and the story. A director who knows where to stop without going overboard with CGI effects just to elevate the status of the movie is what the film industry needs right now.


Sharabha Telugu Movie Review
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