Nithya Menen’s Take on Movies, Life and More

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Nithya Menen Take on Movies - Life and More

Nithya Menen is currently the busiest actress of Tollywood. Her schedule is packed with dates, projects and travel schedules. The actress signed back to back Malayalam projects and is all set to set her first step in Bollywood as well. On being asked if she is enjoying the hectic schedule and travel, she reveals she is thoroughly enjoying and loving it.

Packed with her busy schedule, Nithya managed to make herself free for an interview and this is how she responded to questions about the various projects on which she is currently working.

Nithya was asked if she enjoyed working again in Malayalam, her mother tongue, after a huge gap post her movie 100 days of Love.

Ans: Nithya said, things are just happening and to do or not to do movies wasn’t a conscious decision. She added, she works on movies that seem to come at the right moment and interest her. She further went on stating, when the middlemen are eliminated and when she gets to hear the script on her own, it makes her approachable and enables her choose creatively oriented scripts. Nithya loves acting in movies with well written scripts and based on real stories.

In Telugu, Nithya is playing the role of Savithri in the NTR biopic. She was asked if she had to do a lot of groundwork for the character.

Ans: Nithya answered, the shoot was a spur of the moment plan and she did not have the time to do research about Savithri garu’s character. She added, when she is doing a real life character, she takes it extremely seriously and tries to do justice to the role. However, it all worked out for her in the end even if she couldn’t do a lot of research about Savithri garu. Nithya added, she gets into the skin of the character she is portraying and that helps her pull off the act with ease.

On being queried if Nithya can relate to Savithri garu in any way, she responded with enthusiasm.

Ans: She beamed and responded, she finds a lot of similarities between Savithri garu and herself. Nithya stated, the way Savithri garu was generous and went out of her way to help others, Nithya has a similar nature of going out of her way to help others without a second thought. Savithri garu’s spontaneity and improvisation on the spot are a part of her charm. Nithya said, she struck a chord with these characteristics as they resonate with her as well.

Nithya was also asked about the challenges she is facing while working on the biopic of Jayalalitha, The Iron Lady.

Ans: Nithya answered with a small smile, that it is a huge responsibility working on such a huge project. She also clarified, everyone in the team is putting in their best efforts to bring life to the character of Jayalalitha. Nithya stated, when someone is working on a biopic, the audience must be able to see the character and not the actor who is playing it. To make that happen, the filmmaker and the actors struggle a lot. She added, Priyadarshini was able to convince Nithya with her sense of responsibility and the intent to make the movie happen in the right way and do justice to Jayalalitha’s character. Nithya further added, there will be a lot of challenges while working on Jayalalitha’s biopic as they are going to cover her entire life and not just one aspect of it.

Nithya’s Bollywood project, Mission Mangal, is also on the charts. She was enquired about her Bollywood debut and how she feels about it.

Ans: Nithya’s answer was that of a seasoned actress, stating this is what she does. She is an actress and she is doing what is expected of her. The only change is the environment and working in a new place is definitely exciting. The project is about India’s Mars Mission and it is a terrific and unconventional achievement. To work on such a project is definitely exciting. She also added, right from the narration of the script, everyone in the team, including the cast and the crew, wanted her to be a part of this project and that is one of the reasons she said yes to this project.

Finally, Nithya was asked about her hectic travel schedule and the effect all the travel has on her.

Ans: Nithya responded with a glowing smile stating, she is enjoying all the travel and moving around. Nithya added, she does not have any free time, which is a good thing for her as she is tremendously enjoying her work now. She ended by saying, she is happy with every project she has on her plate right now and is supremely happy working on them.

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