2.0 Promises More than What Meets the Eye

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2.0 promises more than what meets the eye!

2.0, the mammoth project directed by Shankar, is all set for a grand release on the 29th of November, 2018. The movie is going to be a visual treat with stunning VFX and 3D effects, keeping the audience engaged and glued to the screen throughout the movie. The prequel to 2.0 was Enthiran (Robot) in Tamil while it was Robo in Telugu. Robo created a mini sensation among the audience with its stunning visuals and the antics and stunts of Chitti, the robot.

Now, 2.0 is back with Vaseegaran and Chitti playing key roles. Shankar, who is an expert in the science fiction genre, ensured the best experts of the industry work on 2.0. With Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar featuring in the lead roles of 2.0, Shankar also ensured a gripping storyline and the use of impressive technology to make 2.0 top notch. 2.0 is the first ever movie of the Indian film industry which was shot with 3D cameras instead of 3D conversion.

2.0 was directed with the help of a large number of technicians, VFX experts, production designers and many other experts. The team of 2.0 involved 20 VFX studios, 5 animation studios and approximately 3,400 VFX shots involving 1,000 VFX artists. Four massive sets of the city were created to shoot the scenes of 2.0. The sets were created with the help of 100 welders, 250 carpenters, 50 fabricators, 50 painters, 25 moulders, 10 concept designers, 15 3D designers and five art directors, working under production designer T. Muthuraj. Complex military vehicles, tanks and stunt vehicles were also designed by the crew of 2.0.

To make sure the action sequences were of international standards, Shankar roped in the most noted action director of Hollywood, Kenny Bates (Pearl Harbor, Transformers: Dark of the Moon,) Nick Powell (Gladiator and The Last Samurai,) Steve Griffin (Mad Max: Fury Road and Inception) and the popular Tamil stunt director, Silva.

Shankar, who is known for his attention to detail, broke down complicated VFX sequences and made sure it was well understood by his team of experts and crew. Detailed storyboards and multiple shots were made of a sequence to make sure the shot is nothing but perfect. With digital animated editing and complex camera movements, certain scenes were brought together beautifully to create the wow factor. The previsualisation process took nearly four months with over 30 CGI artistes working on almost 1,000 shots. A spidercam was also used for crucial action scenes, which is being used for the first time in the Indian film industry. This camera works both horizontally and vertically in a predetermined area and captures the scene.

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