Sci-fi movies- an ever green concept in Telugu cinema

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Sci-fi Movies an Evergreen Concept in Telugu Cinema

Science fiction is one of the most interesting genres constantly explored by the writers of the South Indian Cinema. There may be innumerable reasons behind this, but the fact we found to be the most obvious is that the number of possibilities in this genre are endless. Right from gravity defying scenes to time machines and DNA replication, all the concepts are very unique and innovative. These movies definitely hit the right nerves of the audience, since the audience expects something extraordinary in every movie.

We have put together a list of movies which we thought were interesting and innovative. Have a look and let us know which one’s your favourite.

2.0: An upcoming movie by Shankar, 2.0 revolves around an advanced field of science known as Robotics. Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of science which includes mechanical engineering, computer science and many others. While experiments are still being conducted in this branch of science, 2.0 is a reflection of one’s imagination of a situation when robots come into existence and bid our command. However, we are yet to find out how the sci fi part of 2.0 works with the audience.


24: Starring Surya in the lead role, 24 revolves around a scientist who invents a time traveling watch. This concept is an age old one, yet a hot favourite, considering time travel is the dream of many in our generation. This is because most of our generation spends time regretting what happened in the past or remains frustrated thinking about the future. This provoked a thought in the minds of the writers about a device which can rectify the mistakes of the past and assure us of the future. Hence, the time traveling watch came into existence.


7th Sense: Bodhidharma, a monk in China, is known for his expertise in martial arts and his in depth knowledge of herbs and medication. The monk passed down the knowledge to his followers and the people of China. However, the present day world prioritizes nothing but power. One of the followers of Bodhidharma tries to spread a disease in the city of Chennai to start a biological war between India and China. In such dangerous circumstances, a young scientist comes up with the concept of DNA replication and puts it into action by replicating the DNA of Bodhidharma with the DNA of another person, the male lead, Surya. This results in Surya developing the same kind of thinking, body language and martial arts skills along with the knowledge of herbs and natural medication. Genetics, a branch of science growing by leaps and bounds, formed the background of this story. 7th Sense took the concept of DNA replication and built the story around it, which is commendable.

Aditya 369: Aditya 369 is a movie which came out in the year 1991. This movie revolves around a time machine which takes the lead characters back to the Golden Age of Krishnadevaraya and then to the future when the growing friction between the countries results in a nuclear bomb drop on India. The country was wiped off of all forms of life. Aditya 369 came from a director who envisioned the future and the growing friction between India and its neighbouring countries that led to the dire consequences portrayed in the movie. Aditya 369 also featured a device which helps a person communicate with another, irrespective of the place and time; these devices are now known as cell phones. Kudos to the writer of the movie for his futuristic thinking!


Naani: Naani revolves around a scientist who converts a young boy into a 28 year old. Featuring Mahesh Babu in the lead role, Naani is an emotional roller coaster. Though such technology never came into existence, it delivers a very strong message that a mother’s love never changes, whether one is 10 or 28 years old.



Taxiwaala: Taxiwaala revolves around a taxi driver and his car. The taxi and its driver encounter many passengers, but the strangest of these passengers is a ghost. The ghost controls the car. How the ghost does so and the way the taxi driver deals with this ghost is the essence of the story. The way the taxi is controlled shouts sci fi from every aspect. Taxiwaala sure is making sure the audience look forward to watching it.



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